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Leafing through the fall 2023 edition of Presbyterian Connection, the denomination’s quarterly newsletter, I find plenty of stories about social justice and activism: racism, aboriginal rights, climate, poverty, hunger, sexuality and affordable housing. There’s content on church business: use of property, social media, travel tales, congregational renewal and stewardship. There’s the usual multi-page spread of … Read more

Renewal News Fall 2023Download the entire Fall 2023 issue of Renewal News in PDF format, or read and comment on the individual articles as follows:

A new front emerges

Opposition to Physician Assisted Suicide/MAID. Like a typical town hall meeting, Renewal Cafés provide a glimpse into the mind of Christ within the evangelical wings of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. We send an invitation, accept RSVPs and open the door. The conversation then takes a life of its own. The invitation to the July … Read more

Go to the desert road

Message to General Assembly during morning worship, June 7, 2023. A divine command steered Philip. As a preacher he was to go to the desert road which was not a road, in fact. But Philip followed the command with a childlike innocence and profound trust in God’s mystery. So, there he was, in the wilderness … Read more

Thanks to our Supporting Congregations!

For many years, congregations have formally indicated their partnership in our ministry with a minimum annual gift of $100.00. From September 2022 to the end of August 2023, Renewal Fellowship received a total of $18,514 from 14 congregations. Amounts ranged from $100 to $3,499 in lump sums or installments. Here is a listing of supporting congregations for 2022-23 … Read more

Christianity and Liberalism

Classic 1923 text by J. Gresham Machen comes to life again. In this diverse world of ours, we live side-by-side with colleagues, friends, neighbours and even family members who hold sometimes radically different political views, lifestyles and opinions about life. The Presbyterian Church in Canada has never been wholly unified. Progressives and traditionalists have been … Read more