Renewal Café

Renewal Café is a new Zoom community offered by The Renewal Fellowship within The Presbyterian Church in Canada. It’s catered to believers who identify as evangelical, traditional, orthodox or conservative. On the menu: conversation with a serving of prayer. The flavour will vary, according to the occasion and need. Our first seating is Dec. 8 ... Read more

An Ideological Barrier

Recently, PCC denominational staff announced a workshop entitled “Rainbow Pathways: exploring LGBTQi2 welcome and inclusion.” It will be led by two individuals: a pastor and social worker who identify as a “Queer Trans Masculine person of faith” and a “femme lesbian.” Here’s an opportunity to hear first-hand how others think, I thought ... Read more

Victory On The “Losing” Side

As we wait for the next General Assembly, many of us in PCC orthodoxy are praying, listening, discussing, discerning, and planning. It appears that a future General Assembly will approve the proposed parallel definitions of marriage in which “faithful, Holy Spirit-filled, Christ-centred, God-honouring people can understand marriage as a covenant relationship between a man and ... Read more

Renewal News – Fall 2020

Download the entire issue in PDF format, or read and comment on the individual articles:

In This Issue:

A Question of Identity

Who is Jesus? Who am I? Who is the church of Jesus Christ? None of these questions are straightforward to answer; indeed, many spend their entire lives pondering them. It is not by accident either that I write these questions side-by-side. It seems to me that, from the standpoint of a Christian worldview, these questions ... Read more

“Rediscover” the New Wineskins

The headline We Need to Create New Wineskins (Renewal News, summer 2020, p. 2) caught my attention. It seems theologically inaccurate, for Christ Himself created the New Wineskin. The best we can do is design new versions of the old wineskin. But that can’t hold the “wine” Christ offers to cure the root heart malady. ... Read more

Love is the Answer

Once, after a night of debauchery in my early thirties (at that time in my life debauchery meant staying up to the wee hours playing ‘Hearts’ - the card game, not the relationship pastime), I woke hearing the strains of *Slow Train Coming*. Our host had it hot off the press (it was a LP ... Read more