A Dangerous Precedent

A Joint Statement from PSALT and the Renewal Fellowship. Since the denomination’s beginning, there have been unofficial groups gathering within The Presbyterian Church in Canada. They have been structured to pursue particular goals of Christian ministry. Some have been of an ad hoc nature, with both leadership and focus changing regularly. Others have been organized ... Read more

Dear Presbyters

Questions are like tools. Good quality instruments used with skill and care can loosen the machinery and allow a glimpse into the soul of a machine. Or a person. So it is with the question and answer section of the 2021 General Assembly moderator nominee profiles. Kudos to whoever developed this skillful line of questioning, which starts with the comfortable ... Read more

PCC Covenant Virtual Townhall Meeting

Evangelical, traditional, orthodox, or conservative individuals in the PCC will be worshipping and praying together then breaking off into groups based on the four possible pathways: Détente (Stay and Pray), Detach, Depart, Discern. There are two dates to choose from: February 20 at Noon Eastern and February 22 at 7 p.m. Eastern. Register via <rsvp@pcc-covenant.ca>. Zoom links will be sent after registration. Full details about the covenant can be found ... Read more

PCC Covenant Opening Worship

I once posted in social media a picture of me wearing a Toronto Blue Jays cap, and my cousin posted along the lines that I look like “a thug from the hood", to which I replied, “I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.” Most of us here could say something similar about our denomination. We've been born into or have been a part of the PCC for a long time. I, however, like many of you did have the special opportunity of really affirming our denomination through my ordination vows, as I pledged myself and swore to uphold our subordinate standards ... Read more

Stillness to Prevent Illness

"Where is God in all this?" If there's a defining theological question for these times, that's it. In any time of crisis, we search for meaning. Do a search of sermon titles preached in the wake of 9-11 and odds are that is what you will find. In 1938, Rev. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was called to the pulpit at Westminster Chapel ... Read more

Renewal Café

Renewal Café is a Zoom community offered by The Renewal Fellowship Within The Presbyterian Church in Canada. It is open to members, adherents, elders, and ministers, and caters to believers who identify as evangelical, traditional, orthodox or conservative. On the menu: conversation with a serving of prayer. The flavour will vary, according to the occasion and need. It will be open on the first Thursday of each month ... Read more

Renewal News – Winter 2021

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