May Renewal Café – Stand Our Ground

Renewal Café is a Zoom community offered by the Renewal Fellowship. It is open to members, adherents, elders, and ministers, and caters to believers who identify as evangelical, traditional, orthodox or conservative. On the menu: conversation with a serving of prayer. The flavour will vary, according to the occasion and need. It is open on the first Thursday of each month ... Read more

Renewal Day and AGM 2022

The name of the gathering — “Remaining TRUE to God’s will” — says it all. God’s will speaks TRUTH and we are striving to remain TRUE to it. The video of the entire day has now been posted.

To that end, we received encouragement from our guest speaker, the Rev. Dr. Stephen Farris, the moderator of the 140th General Assembly. His message — entitled “After the first church fight” — was inspired by the story of complaint, accusation, division, settlement and peace described in Acts 6:1-7. It all worked out in ways they could not have imagined! What might this mean for us today? … Read more

Listening Ear Here

In this very noisy and confusing world, we yearn for peace, strength and solace. Connecting to our triune God is of utmost importance and prayer is essential, which is why we are launching a new initiative to encourage healthy prayer. A close second is our need to commune with other kindred souls. … Read more

Stillness Amidst Agitation

And the beat goes on. I arrived in Simcoe just as the 2008 recession was digging its tenacles into every fibre of society. We more or less recovered, at least economically; but it seems there have been constant and serious seismic shivers shaking life ever since. The past many months have only intensified the severity … Read more