Missing Yet Found in Streetsville

The "Alpha and Omega" — the "beginning and the end." Have you ever thought that something was missing in your life? A void? A missing piece from the puzzle of life? We all have that certain space for the missing piece to fit into to complete the puzzle.

My wife, Pamela, and I were introduced to the Alpha Course at our home church — St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Streetsville, Ontario. We did not have a relationship with Jesus at the time and, quite frankly, we were very cautious about taking this course. We did not want to become "Bible thumpers" or "religious fanatics." Well, guess what? Through the Alpha Course, we both gave our lives to the Lord and haven't looked back since.

What a beautiful feeling we have every day in our walk with Jesus. Our hearts are open and not heavy. Our minds and speech flow with the Word of God. Talking with the Lord through prayer has become an important part of our daily routine. Sharing not only our troubles, but also our joys with the Lord has given us faith to pray for and receive answers.

The Alpha Course has come and gone but our relationship with Jesus Christ has just begun and it is growing stronger every day. As new Christians, we are thankful for the Alpha Course, for our minister, Doug McQuaig, who encouraged us to attend, and especially for Jesus Christ who brought us into a closer relationship with himself and changed our daily pattern of living, sharing, and talking. We have found the key piece that was missing from the puzzle — a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Allowing Jesus to come into our lives and take control of our destiny is such a beautiful experience that we now want to share through our personal story with family and friends and you, the readers of this magazine.

We live in a society today that is fast-paced, competitive, high-pressure and full of tension and stress. We know that there will be difficult and trying times in our lives. There are in anyone's life. But now we know the promise of God, "with Christ all things are possible." God will not abandon us or let us down no matter what our trial or tribulation may be.

The Alpha Course — what a beginning to a personal relationship with God. If you ever have the opportunity to take the Alpha Course at your church, take the plunge and give yourself the opportunity to experience a relationship with Jesus that will not fail. May God bless you through his Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.