We Make House Calls

Our executive director, Rev. Andy Cornell, is available to speak to congregations, sessions, and any group or court in the PCC. His availability on Sunday mornings is limited — so please consider a midweek gathering.

He will bring a message of hope for all ministers, elders and congregations — of every theological stance — who are feeling increasingly alone in an unbelieving world.

He will bring a message of encouragement for ministers, elders and congregations who are experiencing division over the debate over sexuality and marriage in the PCC.

He will bring a prayerful presence and a listening ear.

He will bring a reminder that the church is a precious body and that our primary purpose is to proclaim to the world that Christ — the son of God — came to reconcile us with the Father. We are to put all selfish, human desires aside and seek God’s precious will for our lives. We are to submit with joy to power of the Holy Spirit to sanctify and empower us to do the work of our triune God.