One to One

    Finally a program for youth that fits every Canadian Presbyterian church that has a heart for youth and a faith in God! It doesn't matter if you have only one (or two hundred) youth for this to work well. It is a return to the basics of prayer and caring and as Alfred Lord Tennyson has said, "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of."

    The program Jacob Birch (former Youth Pastor at Bridlewood) describes is being done at Bridlewood Presbyterian Church in Scarborough but I have spoken to youth leaders at other churches who offer a similar program with slight variations. Some, for example, never allow the adult to approach the teen while others encourage "natural contacts" where the adult asks if there is a specific prayer request the teen wants to share. Obviously, we need to be sensitive not to embarrass the teens or the adults praying but each congregation can act according to its own custom. What is most important is that the whole program be done with sensitivity and earnestness.

    "One to One" is not yet another program designed to revitalize the young people of your church. It is not fancy or expensive or complicated. Whether your church is large or small, rich or poor, urban or rural, "One to One" is one way you can make an eternal investment in the lives of your young people. Very simply, "One to One" is one adult praying for one young person once a day. — Calvin Brown.

"One to One" is a prayer ministry that we have started here, at Bridlewood Presbyterian Church. We noticed that we were spending a lot of time planning events and building relationships but spent very little time growing a solid base of prayer support for the youth ministry. We had enlisted prayer partners for the ministry in general but had not called on individual adults to pray for individual young people on a daily basis. That's when God stepped in with Colossians 4:12 where Paul writes that Epaphras, one of the members of the church at Colossae was, "always labouring fervently for you in prayers, that you may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God." Based on Epaphras' example we started "One to One" where we enlist, train and support one adult to pray for one young person, once a day.

To begin a "One to One" prayer ministry in your church for your young people simply follow these five steps below.

  1. Each young person fills out a "One to One" Student Form. (The Student Form asks for information that will help their Adult Intercessor pray for them on a daily basis.)
  2. Each interested adult fills out a "One to One" Adult Intercessor contract. (This outlines the responsibilities of an Adult Intercessor.)
  3. Designate a leader to match one Adult Intercessor with one Young Person and communicate that to both parties via the "One to One" Partner Card.
  4. If you have an imbalance of available adults or young people, double up until either more adults come forward to pray, or for more young people arrive to be prayed for.
  5. Hold a "One to One" night where students and Adult Intercessors get to meet for a time of fellowship in a relaxed non-threatening environment of fellowship.

One to One


Job Description and Contract


    The primary function of the One to One Adult Intercessors is to pray faithfully every day for their One to One Student Partner.


    F – Faithful (1 Corinthians 4:1-4)
    A – Available (5-60 minutes/day)
    T – Teachable (2 Timothy 2:1-10)

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Pray for your assigned Student Partner once a day, every day for one year.
  2. Attend the One to One partner events, as able.

Return Expectations

  1. The Youth Director commits to pray for you every day.
  2. The Youth Director commits to provide you with one Student Partner for which you can pray every day for a year.
  3. The Youth Director commits to provide you with a bi-monthly One to One update letter and prayer calendar.

One to One


"Always labouring for you in prayers, that you may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God" – Colossians 4:12

One to One is a prayer ministry directed to recruiting, training and supporting One adult to pray for One young person Once a day. Use the profile below to pray diligently and intelligently for this young person who desires your prayers every day for the next 12 months.

Name: _____________________________________ Sex: Male ___ Female ___
Age: _____ Grade: _____ School: ____________________________________
Parent(s) Names: ___________________________________________________
Sibling(s) Names: __________________________________________________
Address (optional): ________________________________________________
Telephone: (optional): _____________________________________________
Favourite Music: ___________________________________________________
Favourite Movies: __________________________________________________
Favourite TV Show: _________________________________________________
Favourite Bible Story: _____________________________________________
Favourite (Hymn/Song): _____________________________________________
Pet Peeves: ________________________________________________________

Pray for the following things every day:

Request #1: ________________________________________________________
Request #2: ________________________________________________________
Request #3: ________________________________________________________
Request #4: ________________________________________________________

One to One


Please pray for these items:

One to One


My One to One Student Partner is