Why We’re Here

Our Vision, Passion, and Hope is to experience God’s renewal of our lives, our congregations, our courts, our theological schools and every place where Canadian Presbyterians gather.

Our Mission is to lead each other and The Presbyterian Church in Canada to authentic Biblical thinking, powerful Spirit-led prayer and effective Gospel witness.

Our Concerns

We are fervently praying for:

  • the Lord to renew his church for authentic witness and consistent obedience.
  • fresh power and authority for the local congregation through the breath of God in our structures and organizations.
  • responsible participation in the courts of the church.
  • a deep hunger for the teaching of the Bible and its authority.
  • a recall to lives of biblical purity, especially on the part of those entrusted with leadership of the people of God.
  • a zeal for reaching, through the instrumentality of a national church with a rich heritage, those lost without God and without hope in the world.
  • fellowship for believers to give encouragement to continued witness and ministry within the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Our Purpose

We have four specific objectives:

  • We will promote publications and other materials that clarify, especially for lay people, the concerns we share, providing biblical and theological comment, and encouraging practical and specific ideas. This originally included Channels, a magazine that was published two or three times a year until 2006 when it became an e-publication with articles archived on this website.
  • We will encourage the development of programmes in the areas of prayer, intercession, small groups and evangelism. These programmes will be supportive, constructive, and positive.
  • We will organize conferences, seminars, and other activities which will facilitate the long-term process of strengthening the reformed and evangelical witness within our denomination.
  • We see the Renewal Fellowship as a means to contact and encourage those concerned about renewal within the Presbyterian Church in Canada. It gives us an opportunity to relate to each other and discuss the issues from time to time arising within our denomination, mutually encouraging and strengthening one another.

One thought on “Why We’re Here

  1. Greetings! I’m from St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in St. Lambert, Quebec. I was curious about this pamphlet/newsletter sitting near our main entrance, and upon reading the material, I was immediately filled with joy. I’m excited to see that I’m not alone, and that there’s much emphasis on prayer and the written Word. I especially like the “A Call to Prayer for the PCC”, where we all, morning and night, pray together for renewal, wisdom, and forgiveness for ourselves and for the PCC as a whole. By the grace of God your newsletter has found me. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say hello, and to say that I’m praying with you. I’ve just signed up to the newsletter, and I look forward to learning more about Renewal Fellowship. Thank you. God is truly good!

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