Our Board of Directors

Sandy Copland DufourSandy Copland Dufour

Sandy Copland Dufour – Sandy started life with missionary parents in Angola. She attended a missionary boarding school before returning to Canada. Her Mom was a faithful Sunday School teacher who taught her own kids and the local children the good news of Jesus. Her own kids got Sunday School in the local language as well as in English, and as a result, Sandy received the gift of new life with Jesus at a young age. The boarding school got all their students started on daily Bile reading and prayer, a habit that has continued throughout her life. Sandy was involved with the Interschool Christian Fellowship in high school and InterVarsity during university years. Following graduation, she travelled Ontario with the InterVarsity student team visiting rural area high school fellowships and as InterVarsity staff in the Toronto area. She spent several years teaching and then was able to work with humanitarian aid agencies in various places as a volunteer and then on a contract basis in east Africa. Meanwhile, Sandy was studying part time at the Toronto School of Theology. She was eventually ordained and has been working in churches in the Niagara Peninsula and more recently in Hamilton, Ontario. She is currently the Associate Minister at Cheyne Church in Stoney Creek, Ontario. She is delighted to support the Renewal Fellowship and to continue praying for God’s work throughout Canada.

Ronda BoschRonda Bosch

Ronda Bosch – By the grace of God, Ronda has had many and varied opportunities to serve her Saviour and Christian communities, almost from coast to coast. Her life and faith began in Sunny Corner, New Brunswick, where in home and church she was instructed, influenced, and molded to know Jesus, to love Him and to want to serve Him. Other significant influences on her faith journey were camps and retreats, and most significantly InterVarsity Christian Fellowship during her university years. The IVCF influence directed her to Regent College in 1979, the same year that Dr. J.I. Packer arrived there to teach theology. She thoroughly enjoyed her Regent and West Coast experiences – both in academics and in opportunities to serve in ministry positions, at one time being a youth leader in three Presbyterian and one United Church congregation all at the same time! She eventually settled into one ministry position at a time – serving on staff with IVCF; youth leader at Grace, West Hill, Ontario; ministry and educational leader for youth and adults at St. Andrew’s Guelph, Ontario; then 10 years of student development work within the Christian universities of Kings (Edmonton, Alberta) and Crandall (then ABU) in Moncton, New Brunswick. The hand of God guided and strengthened her through all the opportunities which brought her back to congregational ministry when she accepted a position in ministry partnership at Westwood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and then was called in 2007 to serve as a Lay Missionary for the congregation of Norman Kennedy Presbyterian in Regina, Saskatchewan. The most exciting and enriching component to the ministry she has been privileged to lead has been the integration of other cultures in forming a loving, caring, and Spirit-filled worshipping community. Ronda longs to see The Presbyterian Church in Canada as a whole to be more intentional in valuing the Christian life, study, and passion of Christian sisters and brothers from other countries. Her prayer is for revival and renewal of the church, locally and nationally. She is married to and supported by her husband of 34 years Arend, and they have two adult sons.

Lisa BakerLisa Baker

Lisa Baker – Born and raised in the Christian Reformed faith in southwestern Ontario (Strathroy, and later Burlington), after moving north to Kenora, Ontario, in 1997, she became a member of First Presbyterian Church in 2002, and an elder in 2012, and is currently Clerk of Session. She’s been representative elder in the Presbytery of Winnipeg for nine years, as well as chairperson of Inreach there.
She’s married (for 33 years with Larry Baker) and they have two grown children. Her career began as a veterinary assistant for 11 years, but over time, her focus continued with people, first with educational assistance in schools and then employed in Child and Family support work until 2018.
Much of her time is now spent supporting the church family, ministerial, and working with community groups focused on homelessness and addictions in their city. She also enjoys many outdoor activities with her husband, including hunting, camping, kayaking, snowmobiling, and most recently, motorcycling.
Ultimately, the love of Jesus and faith is her doorpost. She loves to engage with all people and continues to be challenged in new ways by the Holy Spirit to bear witness in the work of Christ’s kingdom.

Don BartlettDon Bartlett

Don Bartlett has been an elder at Grace Church, Pickering Presbytery since 1998. He grew up in the Presbyterian Church, and it was at Grace through the ministry of Everett Briard that he gained a personal relationship with the Lord.
After completing his M.Sc. in Computer Science, Don worked at large companies where he managed information technology projects and teams from five to over 100 people. He retired in 2014.
Don is married to Elizabeth, who served for 17 years in the General Assembly office. Don has four daughters and five granddaughters. Music, particularly Scottish Country Dancing music and Christian music, has been Don’s lifelong hobby. At Grace he leads the choir and participates in a praise team. He renews his energy each summer at a cottage on Georgian Bay where he admires God’s great handiwork.
Don has joined the Renewal Fellowship Board because he has a passion to see our denomination stand firm in biblical faithfulness while bringing Scripture and grace together.

Rev. Glynis Faith
Rev. Glynis Faith

Rev. Glynis Faith
You will generally find Glynis cooking, gardening, taking long walks with her friendly beagle, Skippy, participating in church and community events, Bible studies, prayer groups, reading, and finding creative and engaging ways to share the Gospel in church and community. She has three grown children and two grandchildren all living on Prince Edward Island.
Raised in a secular home, the Gospel message came to Glynis through the London family of Murray River Prince Edward Island, who not only invited her to church, but picked her and other children up each week to attend Sunday School, church, youth group and various youth and church activities throughout the year. Glynis is passionate about promoting and supporting activities that teach children and youth about God’s great love for them. It was at a youth summer camp, funded by members of her church, that she gave her life to Christ. Throughout her ministry she has witnessed youth camps playing an active role in faith formation and growth for many. These experiences motivate her to encourage children and youth to attend Christian camps, PAYS, Canadian Youth (CY) and other Christian youth fellowship opportunities. She also encourages congregations to support them prayerfully and financially.
Her prayer for the church is that we may be focused and grounded on seeking and honouring God’s will for creation and all created beings. She envisions the church focusing on studying God’s Word together and shining the Good News of Jesus into their worship and the communities they serve. She continues to pray for revival, seeking the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit to ignite us in actively living out our faith together in Christian love and fellowship.

Philip MacFie
Philip MacFie

Philip MacFie is a lay person from Ottawa, Ontario, who works as an access to information and privacy professional with the Canadian Museum of History. He has a Master of Arts in History degree from the University of Toronto.

Philip strongly believes that youth and young adults have something to offer The Presbyterian Church in Canada. He volunteers regularly with the youth group of his home church and has three times been an adult advisor at Canada Youth (the national youth gathering of the Presbyterian Church in Canada).

Philip MacFie believes in the centrality of Scripture. He is convinced that Jesus is our living hope. He looks forward to sharing that message with members and adherents of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Rev. Jinsil Park
Rev. Jinsil Park

Rev. Jinsil Park was born and raised in the Presbyterian Church in South Korea. Thanks to his father, Rev. Jangkyu Park, Jinsil had many opportunities to learn about God and His Word. However, he always tried to run away from the love of God when he lived in South Korea. Before starting graduate school, Jinsil planned to go to Canada for about eight months. When he came to Canada in 2008, he only had three things in mind: travelling, learning about Canadian culture (including language) and making new friends. About a month later, his plan fell through due to the first car accident in his life. It was not a major injury, but he still needed some medical care. During the time, ironically, he was offered a ride to one of the Korean Presbyterian Churches in Toronto every Sunday, thanks to volunteers. At the church, Jinsil found peace and he could learn Kingdom culture and His Word. Later, Jinsil accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour. He once was an enemy of God, but he became a friend of God. After his heart and eyes were open, he could see dramatic changes in his life. He decided to devote his life to studying God’s Word, to witness the life-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Canada. In 2021, God brought Jinsil to Winnipeg to continue to fulfill his vow at Westwood Presbyterian Church, where he is minister of word and sacrament. Jinsil joined the board of directors in May, 2022.

Meridyth RobertsonMeridyth Robertson

Meridyth Robertson – Meridyth was born and raised in the Presbyterian Church. At 12 years of age while attending summer camp Meridyth gave her life to Jesus. In grade nine, she felt God calling her into ministry. Before heading to seminary, she attended Ewart College to obtain her diploma in Christian Education. Meridyth is in team ministry with her husband Gavin and they have recently celebrated 25 years at First Presbyterian in Trail, British Columbia, where they began their ministry. She has a passion for singing, especially contemporary Christian music. She feels blessed to be able to lead the congregation each Sunday as they lift their voices together in singing praise to God. Meridyth’s prayer for her congregation and for The Presbyterian Church in Canada is that we open ourselves to the moving of the Holy Spirit; it is her firm conviction that God has great things planned for both if we seek His leading in our lives. Meridyth has made two trips to the Holy Land, which have been life-changing for her. Having made these trips makes reading the Scriptures truly come alive for her. Meridyth plays several roles in her community: padre to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 11, a volunteer hospital chaplain, and also often called upon to pray at various community events (Council inaugurations, senior teas, and the high school graduation). She very much enjoys game nights with her family. She is not ashamed to say she is hooked on Wordle! She is the mother of two adult children and a black lab Toby.

Debbie StimphilDebbie Stimphil

Debbie Stimphil grew up in a Baptist church but saw the light in 2007 when she began attending St. Andrew’s in Welland. She joined the church and was asked to be an elder. She knew many people who attended St. Andrew’s and everyone made her feel welcome. She was asked to attend a WA meeting and now she is past president. When she became an elder, there was a need for a Presbytery representative. She is still the representative elder and has just finished her term as Moderator of Niagara Presbytery in September. She is the President of the Presbyterial of Niagara and is a member of the WMS Council executive. She represents the WMS council on the PWS&D advisory board. She was widowed a year ago in October and has since met a wonderful man who lives in Haiti. They met in Chicago at his brother’s house and were married on November 13, 2020. She is very happy to be a member of the Renewal Fellowship Board and hopes that she can meaningfully and prayerfully contribute to its ministry.