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Don BartlettDon Bartlett

Don Bartlett has been an elder at Grace Church, Pickering Presbytery since 1998. He grew up in the Presbyterian Church, and it was at Grace through the ministry of Everett Briard that he gained a personal relationship with the Lord.
After completing his M.Sc. in Computer Science, Don worked at large companies where he managed information technology projects and teams from five to over 100 people. He retired in 2014.
Don is married to Elizabeth, who served for 17 years in the General Assembly office. Don has four daughters and five granddaughters. Music, particularly Scottish Country Dancing music and Christian music, has been Don’s lifelong hobby. At Grace he leads the choir and participates in a praise team. He renews his energy each summer at a cottage on Georgian Bay where he admires God’s great handiwork.
Don has joined the Renewal Fellowship Board because he has a passion to see our denomination stand firm in biblical faithfulness while bringing Scripture and grace together.

Rev. Ed Charlton
Rev. Ed Charlton

Rev. Ed Charlton is a farm boy at heart, following in the footsteps that God has laid down within his family for multiple generations. Growing up just north of London on a farm, he was enriched by the heritage that his father carried with him and the reality of living on God’s blessing each day.
Ed’s faith journey began in the United Church of Canada, and in his last year of high school, he was challenged to trust Jesus more and to recognize Jesus’ calling on his life into ministry. While Ed tried to resist that call – mostly because he did not feel properly suited – Jesus did not give up. Eventually, he heeded the call and went to Tyndale Seminary and then to Knox College. He served for a summer as a student minister at St. John’s PC in Kapuskasing ON and did his field education at First PC in Orillia ON. He was ordained in 2007 at Trinity Community PC, Oro ON, where he had volunteered.
Ed has served as pastor at Knox PC, Morrisburg ON, and Dunbar PC, and is currently serving at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Churches in Arthur and Gordonville ON and as the North Wellington Fire Service Chaplain. Ed is married to Jess, and they have seven wonderful children.

Rev. Glynis Faith
(profile to come)

Philip MacFie
Philip MacFie

Philip MacFie is a lay person from Ottawa, Ontario, who works as an access to information and privacy professional with the Canadian Museum of History. He has a Master of Arts in History degree from the University of Toronto.

Philip strongly believes that youth and young adults have something to offer The Presbyterian Church in Canada. He volunteers regularly with the youth group of his home church and has three times been an adult advisor at Canada Youth (the national youth gathering of the Presbyterian Church in Canada).

Philip MacFie believes in the centrality of Scripture. He is convinced that Jesus is our living hope. He looks forward to sharing that message with members and adherents of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Don MacMillan
Don MacMillan

Don MacMillan was elected to be on the RF board in April 2017. He has been a Presbyterian most of his life, initially in Montreal and later Gloucester (Ottawa) and is currently a member of Parkwood Presbyterian Church in Ottawa (James Hurd is his pastor). In 1987, Don was ordained as a ruling elder at Grace Orleans. Since 1994, he has served on the Ottawa Presbytery, initially as rep elder for Grace and later as convener of the Presbytery Policy and Planning Committee.
In 2017, his wife Aija passed away suddenly. They had been married for almost 50 years. Says Don: “I miss her greatly as we were true partners in Christ.”
Don is a registered electrical engineer in Quebec and Ontario, graduating from McGill in 1967. In 2005, he enrolled at University Saint-Paul in Ottawa, where he studied Inter-Faith Dialogue and Theology, graduating in 2016. His main interest in the church is to model the Bereans from Acts 17.11. As Christians, it is our responsibility to discern all false doctrine in our midst and to test all things.–>

Jillian McWhinnie
Jillian McWhinnie

Jillian McWhinnie joined the Renewal Board in the spring of 2019. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto (Mississauga) majoring in Biology and Psychology, and has since completed a Master‘s degree in Occupational Therapy. She currently works as a pediatric occupational therapist providing in-school and in-home care.

Jillian has always had an interest in theology, and loves to learn and study from God’s Word. ln particular, she is passionate about teaching and learning alongside youth and young adults about God and Scripture, and exploring with them what it means to follow Jesus in our current context. She is currently taking courses at Knox College in the Masters of Theological Studies program.

Despite apparent obstacles to Christianity in our present time, Jillian remains hopeful and sure in God and His ability to bring about renewal in His church. She believes that there is great potential for the discovery (or perhaps for some a re-discovery) of a vibrant, strong, and genuine faith, which. through Christ, has the power to transform lives and communities.

Rev. John Park
Rev. John Park

Rev. John Park came to Canada in the year 1998 with his family. He then went to London to study Medical Biophysics at The University of Western Ontario.
In his last year, he sensed God’s calling and went to Knox College for M. Div. He graduated in the year 2011 and became ordained and inducted at Oakridge Presbyterian Church as an Associate Minister.
In the following year, he was married to Grace, and now they have two children, Leo and Esther. His ministry at OPC focused on teaching, youth, Alpha and a contemporary worship service.
Rev. John recently stepped down from OPC to pursue a new vision God has given him for the east of London and broader. He also recently became an ambassador for Compassion Canada.
He shares his journey on his blog. He is excited to join Renewal Fellowship and see God working for His kingdom in the PCC.

Rev. Ian Shaw
Rev. Ian Shaw

Rev. Ian Shaw sees providence as a dominant theme in his own faith journey. Through the clarity of hindsight, many significant life-altering happenings, which seemed minor at the moment, have turned out to be grace-infused gifts. One of those, the 1969 Toronto-Kingston PYPS Thanksgiving Convention ushered him into joys of life within The PCC. Who knew? Ian didn’t. Sometimes, those joys have seemed more solemn [a la Principal Glen] than life-enriching, but God is more than faithful.
Ian has had the joy of serving in many capacities in congregational life as a layperson, and since 1982 as a minister of Word and Sacrament. The majority of this latter ministry was spent on the prairies. Three years ago, he retired from St. Paul’s, Simcoe ON, which remains his home congregation. Between the prairies and St. Paul’s, Ian was appointed as missionary serving in Guyana for three years.
Ian is married to Linda [nee Kreklewetz] and they have three adult children: Kendra, Michael, and Kris, plus one grandson Gavin. Throughout his faith journey, Ian has sought to partner with the Holy Spirit in the pursuit of spiritual renewal – personal, congregational, and denominational.

Debbie StimphilDebbie Stimphil

Debbie Stimphil grew up in a Baptist church but saw the light in 2007 when she began attending St. Andrew’s in Welland. She joined the church and was asked to be an elder. She knew many people who attended St. Andrew’s and everyone made her feel welcome. She was asked to attend a WA meeting and now she is past president. When she became an elder, there was a need for a Presbytery representative. She is still the representative elder and has just finished her term as Moderator of Niagara Presbytery in September. She is the President of the Presbyterial of Niagara and is a member of the WMS Council executive. She represents the WMS council on the PWS&D advisory board. She was widowed a year ago in October and has since met a wonderful man who lives in Haiti. They met in Chicago at his brother’s house and were married on November 13, 2020. She is very happy to be a member of the Renewal Fellowship Board and hopes that she can meaningfully and prayerfully contribute to its ministry.