The Spirit is Moving Swiftly

In April 2010, the Session of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Swift
Current, Saskatchewan, decided to advise the Presbytery that their church
would be closing in 2011. They were a small, discouraged group of seniors
(approximately 15 at Sunday worship). Within days of their decision, The
Rev. Jonathan Kwon came forward and shared that he felt God was calling him
to become their pastor. He was inducted in September 2010.

Less than a year later, there are 40 adults and youth meeting for
worship and several mid-week programs. And after no Sunday School for 25
years, there is a Sunday School with 8 children. A VBS this past summer drew
22 children!

Clerk of Session, Heather Steinhoff, says, “As much as things have
changed already (not without some stress), I think we are just getting

Pray for this inter-cultural congregation (Canadian, Korean, and
Filipino) as they seek to be faithful to God, each other, and their
community. Go to their website at for more signs of renewal, and give God the

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