Remarks to “A Place to Stand”

“A Place to Stand” was a gathering organized by the Presbytery of Eastern Han Ca in Vaughan Community Church, Thornhill, Ontario, September 28, 2019

Dear friends,

Since the early 1980s, The Renewal Fellowship has striven to be a voice of encouragement to those who stand for orthodoxy. Our vision has been the renewal of the Presbyterian Church in Canada by adhering to authentic Reformed hermeneutic, Spirit-led prayer and effective Gospel witness.

That dream remains – even though some tell us we need to shake the dust off our sandals and move on.

Until such time that the PCC no longer officially tolerates orthodoxy, we remain steadfast to our vision.

That’s why Renewal took the unprecedented step of issuing a formal statement against Remits “B” and “C”. As time and finances permit, we are traveling east and west to encourage authentic Biblical thinking, powerful Spirit-led prayer and effective Gospel witness.

Bottom line: we are not going away.

In the months to come, we will continue to speak through newsletters, blogs, personal appearances, phone conversations, and email. The most powerful weapon we have is prayer, and to that end, we are setting up new prayer groups across the country in addition to the two we already support. As of today, we have added another 11. Talk with me if you are interested in joining one or starting one.

What is encouraging to me in my travels and conversations is the sincere, Holy Spirit-fueled passion for the Christ-centred church, and the condemnation of the human-centred church that we are becoming in too many places. It’s so encouraging to witness congregations, elders, and ministers who are truly alive in Christ, as they rise to the occasion and speak passionately about a church that puts Christ at the centre. Our current challenge is to work in unity; as the Atlantic Canada statement says, to row in the same direction.

We are committed to getting in the same boat as the rest of you and – with the help of the Holy Spirit – moving together in one direction.

Rev. Andy Cornell
Executive director

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