Small Group Prayer Guide

Dear friends,

In an ever-changing world, those of us who adhere to established practices are sometimes branded as “backward.” More-gracious critics might just say we’re “old school.” But that’s missing the point, which is that practice must follow principle, otherwise we are just branches swaying in the wind.

In this stormy season, our presbyteries are being asked to approve Remit ‘B’ (parallel definitions of marriage) and Remit ‘C’ (calling/electing and ordaining teaching and ruling elders who may be married to same-sex partners.) The proposals are heralded as a way forward which accommodates diversity and yet protects freedom of belief. But we do not believe that they flow from scripture or that they will lead to renewal.

Our presbyteries have until the end of March 2020 to decide before the issue returns to General Assembly. The results so far have reaffirmed our deep divisions.

Please pray:

  • that something good will come out of this division;
  • for those who are wondering whether they have a future in the PCC;
  • for spiritual protection and guidance for prayer partners – individuals, couples and groups;
  • for presbyteries which have yet to discuss and vote on the remits; and
  • for the Holy Spirit to move in us – to guide our prayers, our words and our actions – so that God’s pure, holy will can move freely in our courts and congregations.


Rev. Andy Cornell
Executive Director

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