Renewal Through Alpha

Alan Rowley is an elder in Calvin Presbyterian Church, Abbotsford, British Columbia.

As an Anglican during the early part of my life and now an elder in the Presbyterian Church, I have always questioned my faith. Why? Did I not read the Bible enough? Were the teachers not adequate to resolve my doubts? Perhaps I did not listen properly in order to absorb the message given. Whatever it was, my doubts were never completely resolved and I felt something missing.

At long last, my faith has undergone a great renewal. Through being introduced to Jesus Christ through the Alpha program I now have a complete belief in God. This program of ten weeks' duration — once-a-week supper, a forty-minute (approx.) video presentation, followed by a discussion period — gave me a positive understanding of what it means to believe in the Christian faith.

The video presented by the Reverend Nicky Gumbel, a former barrister and now a minister in the Anglican Church, is quite mind-bending. It certainly moved me. It is a superb medium of the spoken word, most eloquent, fine diction, tremendous humour, and especially very sincere. It struck a depth of my being I never thought possible.

It Answered my Questions and Resolved my Doubt

The Alpha program — what is it? It is a program for people of any faith. It is for everyone of all ages, for the doubters, for the unbelievers, for the believers, and also for the know-it-alls. Alpha is for:

    Anyone to find out more about the Christian faith.
    Learning and Laughter.
    People meeting together.
    Helping one another.
    Asking anything. No question is too simple or too hostile in the Alpha program.

Don't wait for Spring — Do it now. Ask your minister, pastor, etc. to get the Alpha program for you and your friends.

You will be renewed as a Christian.