Bill Harrison

Calvin BrownCalvin Brown is the Executive Director of The Renewal Fellowship.

On July 1, 1998, the Renewal Fellowship within the Presbyterian Church hired Mr. Bill Harrison as Administrative Assistant. The role was created to ensure that the office and administration run smoothly. Our part-time secretary, Lois Sellwood (who retired June 30) and volunteers have tried their best but it has been difficult to keep up with the increasing workload and the needs are changing.

Bill Harrison enters this part-time role after a year of retirement from a 30-year career at Procter & Gamble in Hamilton, Ontario. Analytical, operational and accounting functions at Procter & Gamble now replaced by an administrative role at Renewal Fellowship. Supporting Bill in the office is his wife of 32 years, Lynda, who insists on a very part-time volunteer role! Their family consists of Michelle (married, one son), Peter (married, two sons), and Dan (at home).

Bill's church connections began at St. Enoch's (Hamilton) and subsequently, in 1975, Cheyne (Stoney Creek). An elder for almost 30 years, activities have centred on youth leadership (Scouts, Christian Service Brigade, Pioneer Clubs), adult Bible classes, pastoral care visitation programs, and retirement/nursing home worship leadership. Involvement in the community in Boy Scouts, Kiwanis and Mission Services (Harbour Rescue Mission) has provided opportunity for Bill to teach canoeing, a very satisfying hobby.

The leading of the Lord towards this role at Renewal Fellowship culminates a life-long ambition to serve the Presbyterian Church in a way beyond volunteer roles. The announcement at the Renewal Fellowship's Annual General Meeting in March pertaining to the administrative assistant role caused Bill to seriously consider what the Lord had in store for his "retirement." It was not until Bill submitted his name for consideration that he gained peace of mind — his commitment to the Church's mission, Christian giftedness and availability were a match to this opportunity. Bill and Lynda are looking forward to many rewarding years learning and serving in The Renewal Fellowship.