Renewal Fellowship: Behind the Scenes

Andy Cornell
Andy Cornell

The work of renewal is evident for all to see and digest on our website: renewal-fellowship, ca. Equally important is what goes on outside the public eyes. The board of directors (see page 8 for a list of members) meets 4-5 times a year and the executive puts its heads together about a half dozen occasions — all online these days — to prayerfully discuss and discern our mission in an ever-changing church.

Here’s a glimpse of what RF’s staff and directors have been up to in recent months:

  • Participation with others in the PCC in an online prayer gathering which takes place every two weeks. It’s organized by friends in orthodoxy as a six-month prayer initiative in an effort to discern the Holy Spirit’s direction in light of proposals/remits to change the definition of marriage.
  • Organizing the Zoom event “Presbyterians in Orthodoxy working together” on June 19 in an effort to share initiatives around responses and strategies to Remits ‘B’ and ‘C’ and other similar matters in our denomination, to share initiatives and look for potential cooperation, coordination and communication.
  • Ongoing conversations with Presbyterians Standing for Apostolic Love and Truth (PSALT) and fledgling movements who took part in the June 19 event.
  • Ongoing efforts to encourage ministers and congregations by phone and correspondence with the message, “you are not alone.”
  • Prayer Calendar co-ordinator, Linda Shaw, webmaster, Robin Ross, and administrative assistant, Kyoungsoo Hwang, quietly but diligently keep the organization running.
  • Planning new content for the website with a focus on our Renewal Tools section, as part of our mission to point the PCC to “authentic Biblical thinking.”

NOTE: COVID-19 pandemic precautions have kept many of us literally grounded since March. “It’s a date!” is no longer in Andy Cornell’s vocabulary. Like his predecessors, speaking engagements and road trips were at the core of the executive director’s job. It may be several months or even years before he’s able to bring the Renewal message to congregations and groups. As we navigate the COVID-19 waters, we are prayerfully discerning how we can be a voice for orthodoxy and encourage those who believe in an unchanging God. Please get in touch with us via