PCC Covenant

Diversity in Paths, Unity in Spirit

A word to those within The Presbyterian Church in Canada who consider themselves Evangelical, Conservative, Orthodox, or Traditional:

There is much that unites us: we worship and serve the same Lord, we hold the same convictions about the inspiration and authority of the Scriptures, and we seek to order our lives and our ministries under the authority of our sovereign God and His revealed Word.

Different circumstances will lead us to follow Christ faithfully in different directions, and none of these directions is a better or worse calling than another.

  • Some of us feel called to stay within the denomination and support the denomination.
  • Some of us feel called to seek theological separation within the denomination.
  • Some of us feel called to leave the denomination.
  • Some of us feel called to wait and pray rather than deciding upon any direction at this time.

The Lord will strengthen us if we come together as one body in Christ — we invite you to participate in an ongoing series of virtual townhall meetings.

Our purpose is to provide a place where we:

  • worship together at the feet of Jesus, and build our fellowship,
  • share specifics about chosen directions,
  • support each other within each chosen direction,
  • support those called to other chosen directions, and
  • discuss how to overcome any opposition.

This might include – but not be limited to – prayer, fellowship, encouragement and sharing of knowledge.

The overriding desire and intent is to be right with the Lord throughout this turbulent time.

Full details about the covenant can be found at pcc-covenant.ca/our-covenant/.

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