Renewal AGM – a Snapshot

Approximately 60 members remained online for the AGM, which was chaired by Ian Shaw.

Report of the Chair Over the past 18-24 months we have been wrestling with the thought, “Do we still have a mission in the Presbyterian Church in Canada?” The board has concluded that yes, we do. We offer authentic Biblical thinking, passionate prayer, vibrant evangelism. We can help to grow and reflect the grace and truth of Jesus. Over the last few years our finances have decreased as our expenses increased. Ian expressed gratitude to the staff, executive director Andy Cornell, administrative assistant Kyoungsoo Hwang, webmaster Robin Ross, prayer calendar co-ordinator Linda Shaw.

Report of the Executive Director: The remits and the pandemic have prompted us to work more with like-minded groups, such as PSALT. We are partnering not only with them but with many others in the wider evangelical community within the PCC. Andy continued to blog, but the pandemic completely changed the face of his duties. He logged only 222 km of travel in 2020, compared to 16,755 by land, sea and air the year before as he met with congregations and supporters in Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and across Ontario — as well as the PCC Pastor’s conference in the Dominican Republic. Virtually everything is done online or by phone. New in 2020 were online Conferences, Renewal Café and PCC-Covenent town hall gatherings in partnership with others.

Report of the Treasurer: We ended the year with a bank balance of approximately $118,000, up from $15,957 the year before. This is due to a $50,000 bequest from the Estate of Margaret Hill, along with $24,316 Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy. Donations from individuals remained strong at approximately $40,000, down very slightly from 2019. Support from congregations were $14,158 compared to $16,221 the year before.

Nominating Committee: Rev. Glynis Faith and Philip MacFie joined the board, as Rev. Germaine Lovelace, Leslie Ruo and Diane Eaton ended their terms.

Membership: We had 441 members at the end of 2020, down from 496 the year before.

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