GA 2021 Prayer Initiative – Now What?

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

As friends, members, adherents, elders and ministers in The Presbyterian Church in Canada, we have spent time fervently praying for the 146th General Assembly, that was held online June 6-9, 2021. We prayed for the commissioners, the moderator, the clerks, the General Assembly Office and all of those who have had a role of some influence on the gathering. We prayed for God’s holy hands to prepare us for something new. And we continue to submit ourselves to something that is entirely in God’s holy will, something that conforms to the authentic and timeless reading of Scripture.

This prayer initiative was organized by The Renewal Fellowship within The Presbyterian Church in Canada in co-operation with Presbyterians Standing for Apostolic Love and Truth (PSALT) and others of like mind. And we could not have fulfilled the need for prayer without each of you.

For all the time spent on knees, in prayer closets, listening, petitioning and interceding, we thank every one of you.

But now what? What do we do now? How do we move forward, honouring Jesus while working through how we feel about the outcome?

Maybe, just for a moment, we sit and wait. Maybe we enter into a time of reflection, a time of listening, a time of truthful consideration of our own thoughts and responses.

How often do we simply sit. Still. Quiet. Do we know how to settle our minds and be present to Jesus? Our hearts and our heads are full of words and hurts and conversations – those had, those imagined, some rewritten to what we wish we had said or heard. Sometimes, these conversations and memories hurt. They ache something within us. Perhaps they carry anger, disappointment, frustration, betrayal.

How do you feel about what happened at General Assembly? Have you taken time to sit with that emotion? Not dwell in or become that emotion but acknowledge it is there? God gave us this incredible broad range of emotions and the ability to feel them. Take a moment. What are you feeling about the outcome of GA? Give it its proper name. Having labeled it and felt it, can you now give it to Jesus? … Read more

One thought on “GA 2021 Prayer Initiative – Now What?

  1. Andy, your blog is right on what is needed. The church seems to have lost its calling, and I pray that if 2 or 3 continue to pray, God can cause a revival. Do we have those 2 or 3 to consistently fast and pray for the PCC? I’m not sure.

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