Prayer and Care

Renewal Fellowship refocuses in the wake of change.

Now what? That was the question on many minds after The Presbyterian Church in Canada turned from scriptural orthodoxy in June 2021 when General Assembly approved parallel definitions of marriage and formally allowed those who practice a non-Biblical sexual partnership to be ordained as ministers and elders and to be married by a PCC minister.

For many supporters of The Renewal Fellowship Within The Presbyterian Church in Canada (RF), the approval of remits ‘B’ and ‘C’ marked The End – to orthodoxy, to an era, perhaps even to the organization. If not The End, then a new chapter at least.

The good news is that RF is still committed to the vision of renewal within the PCC. But what to do?

The RF board of directors spent the summer and early autumn mulling our official response. It was not an easy process. We used reflective questions. We identified several possible priorities or emphases. We used some statistical tools to help analyze personal preferences.

We discussed, tabled, and revisited (we are Presbyterian, after all). We prayed. Then, we prayed some more.

Finally, at the October 30 board meeting, a consensus emerged. After a time of passionate discussion and sharing, the board approved the following motion: “That Prayer and Pastoral Care be the focus of Renewal Fellowship for the next 12 months.”

The twin focus will be undertaken with the provision that we are operating from the beliefs affirmed in our subordinate standards and in line with our ongoing vision: “To lead each other and The Presbyterian Church in Canada to authentic Biblical thinking, powerful, Spirit-led prayer and effective Gospel witness.”

Two-person task groups, one for each priority, were sent forth to discern specific initiatives to undertake. Their deliberations continue.

Stay tuned. Watch for initiatives to be announced on our website, by email, on our YouTube channel and on our Facebook page.

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