Prayer and Care continues

Renewal’s board of directors has discerned our current priorities as Prayer and Pastoral Care.

Yancey - PrayerOnline Prayer Study, led by Rev. Glynis Faith, centred on “Prayer: Does it make any difference?” by Philip Yancey. (A wonderful group has been studying since May.)


Listening Ear HereListening Ear Here, a new ministry which links mature believers with individuals who need a listening ear. It’s not therapy. It’s an effort to facilitate a community and encourage believers.

Renewal Cafe LogoRenewal Cafe – monthly online small-group times of devotion, encouragement, sharing, discussion and prayer.


Pray for GA – a dedicated campaign in the four weeks leading up to General Assembly which includes online prayer rooms praying prior to and during each sederunt. We started this in 2021 and it was repeated for this year’s gathering.

Our quarterly newsletter and daily prayer calendar continue to find their way into the hands of believers who need encouragement and support.

We remain a voice for those who adhere to scriptural orthodoxy. The mission field is all around us. It’s not just on the streets, in our homes, classrooms and governments – it’s increasingly in our congregations. We stand with everyone who needs encouragement in the face of apostasy. We stand also with congregations which have experienced upheaval and are in the midst of transition.

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