Living Stones: A Movement of Reformed Churches in Canada

While the Renewal Fellowship’s mandate and current mission is to provide Prayer and Care for those who adhere to orthodoxy within the PCC, we recognize that some brothers and sisters are being called to depart. The following announcement was prepared by Living Stones and may not necessarily represent the views of the Renewal Fellowship’s leadership. It’s shared for your information and for prayer.

Living Stones: A Movement of Reformed Churches in Canada

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The past years in the PCC have been challenging and heart-wrenching at times. As we see the shift in theological convictions more and more rapidly taking a path that is further and further from the foundations of scripture and our Reformed faith and as we experience less and less favour as evangelicals in the church, we hold onto the truth that God is sovereign and on the throne of the kingdom. We know that God shows us great grace as we are called to show for others who we disagree with. For some of us, the changes in the PCC in the past years have led us to the point of recognizing that there is no longer a place for us in the denomination we have called home. We feel bound from doing the ministry we have been given and we are tired and weary of spending energy to walk against the flow of the PCC. We recognize that many will not discern that God is leading them away from the PCC, but for those that do, Living Stones will become a new home. This email is to introduce you to Living Stones: A Movement of Reformed Churches in Canada – a new church affiliation that is rooted in our Reformed traditions but focuses on empowering the grassroots ministries of local congregations and missions. We have been working towards this on some levels for several years and it has come to fruition since the 2022 General Assembly. We will soon be federally incorporated and seeking charitable status. The first congregations will begin to be recognized sometime in the fall of this year and some pastors will join even sooner.

Whether or not you feel called to remain as a faithful witness in the PCC, we want to invite you to learn about us and be in relationship with us in some way. Perhaps some of you have already had people leave your congregation. Rather than have them wander into the dusk, consider referring them to Living Stones so that we might be able to offer some form of ministry to them. If you are considering a withdrawal yourself, we would welcome hearing from you. We have monthly town hall meetings that are confidential to share information and pray together.

To learn more about Living Stones, just check out our new web site. It is a work in process as are our documents on Vision, Doctrine and Polity but they are our starting point. Please use the Contact Us form on the site if you have further questions.

Living Stones: A Movement of Reformed Churches in Canada

Blessings from your brothers and sisters in Living Stones.

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