On the road again . . .

By Andy Cornell, Executive Director.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, speaking to congregations and holding encouragement road trips was a major part of my job.

My first road trip was to British Columbia in May of 2018, followed by New Brunswick in September 2019, and Alberta and Saskatchewan a few weeks later.

The numbers tell the story.

In 2019, I logged 16,755 kilometres (by land, sea, and air) to meet with ministers and congregations. In 2020, it was 222 km. In 2021 — zero.

As we emerge from the distancing, the trend thankfully appears to be reversing. As of deadline, I’m booked to speak at St. Andrew’s Parry Sound on their annual Missions Sunday on Oct. 16.

The day prior, I’m planning to attend the annual Dunamis Fellowship Canada fall gathering at Kortright Presbyterian Church in Guelph. I joined the DFC board of directors earlier this year. (More on DFC in a future edition of Renewal News.) There’s a natural connection between RF and Dunamis as we are all united in reformed orthodoxy. For that matter, I’m also a paid member of Presbyterians Standing for Apostolic Love and Truth (PSALT) — another natural synergy— and I along with others in RF leadership take in their annual general meetings.

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