Many reasons to be thankful

By Deb Stimphil, RF Board Chairperson

At this time of year, I always want to thank the people that have meant something special in the past year. I want to thank, on behalf of the Board of Renewal Fellowship, all our wonderful supporters. You are very special to the Renewal Fellowship. This year at Renewal Fellowship we have much to be thankful for. Our focus this past year was on Prayer, Listening and Supporting each other. We did this in many ways this year. There is our daily Prayer Calendar. At our Renewal Day we heard great encouragement from Stephen Farris, a past moderator of General Assembly and visiting professor of preaching at Knox College. Andy Cornell ran several Renewal Cafes where people could talk about how they were feeling and realize they were not alone.

We sponsored Pray for GA — A time of prayer, in the four weeks leading up to General Assembly, and before and during each sederunt. There was a six-week online book study on the book “Prayer-does it make a difference” written by Philip Yancey. We started Listening Ear Here, which paired people with an individual who would listen and offer support to the other person in an attempt to facilitate a community and encourage believers. Then there was “Come to Me, a Retreat for PCC Pastors.” It was a great success by all accounts.

Renewal Fellowship could not have done any of these things without your support. Whether your support is prayer, financial or participatory — our supporters make the Renewal Fellowship continue to be a presence for orthodoxy in the Presbyterian Church in Canada. A shining light for the people that are staying true to the traditional views of the Christian Church. You help us live out our Mission: To lead each other and the Presbyterian Church in Canada to authentic Biblical thinking, powerful Spirit-led prayer and effective Gospel witness.
I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and God’s blessing in the New Year.

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