Pray for GA 2023

For the first time in four years, The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada will meet in person. A lot has happened since 2019. The pandemic changed the way many of us operate. And in the midst of it, the denomination changed its doctrine. We are deeply divided.

Renewal Fellowship will be a physical presence at GA. General Assembly Office is graciously providing us with a prayer room –- a place where we can begin the day with prayer, where we can gather as needed to listen and support one another. Our primary prayer is for God’s will to be done –- despite our division. We will pray for protection around commissioners, the Moderator, the Clerks of Assembly, and those who will lead worship. We’ll be praying and speaking the truth in love. The room will be open to all.

But first -– 28 days of advance prayer. Starting Monday, May 8, we will be publishing weekly prayer guides, each week with a different theme, and each day with a specific prayer.

In the midst of uncertainty and division, we are invited to stop, drop and pray – for God’s hands to do what we are unable to do for ourselves. For renewal. For revival.

If you are attending General Assembly, know that we’ll be praying for you. And we’ll see you there.

One thought on “Pray for GA 2023

  1. We must continue praying for the church and for one another. God can move mountains, nothing is impossible for Him! Lead us, O God!

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