Pray for GA 2023
Week 1 – May 8-14

Pray For GA LogoAs friends, members, adherents, elders and ministers in The Presbyterian Church in Canada, we are fervently praying for the 148th General Assembly in Halifax from June 4-7, 2023. We are praying in advance for the commissioners, the moderator, the clerks, the General Assembly Office and all of those who have a role of some influence on the gathering.

In each of the four weeks leading up to GA, we will be publishing a fresh prayer guide, each with its own theme.

This week: God’s will be done.

“Your will be done,” we pray. We are prone to saying it by rote, week in and week out, without even thinking. For God’s will to have any chance of being heard and heeded, submission is vital. When we pray for God’s will to be done, it means that we are willing to see it and accept it. And then submit to it, even when it’s contrary to our own thinking or the ways of our world. I wonder to what extent the average, well-meaning Christ follower is acutely cognizant of those things.

Clearly, we all have work to do.

Let’s kick off our 28-days of prayer with a renewed vow to seek the Holy and perfect will of God the Father in all that we do. Truly powerful prayer includes the ability to forgive one another. “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” (James 5:16)

Let us pray: Father, surround us now in the peace of Christ and in the powerful embrace of His Spirit, accept this time of devotion as a sacrifice of praise, offered by one who has been justified by faith. Come, Holy Spirit.

A prayer guide for the week to come:

Monday – Holy God, we boldly ask that you work in the hearts and minds of all commissioners as they prepare to read the reports. May they take time to seek your will and voice in the words and recommendations.

Tuesday – Father, we lift up the moderator-elect, that you will provide her with the time and the motivation to prepare – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – for the difficult task of moderating a divided court.

Wednesday – Father, we ask that you imbue everyone who is called to preach and meditate during General Assembly, that they will be actively submitted to the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Thursday – Holy Lord, we commend to you those who have been called to bring their musical talents to worship – may they seek your will in their choice of words and music.

Friday – Gracious God, we lift up the Clerks of Assembly. Instill in them the desire to frame all opinions in submission to your Holiness. We particularly ask that your hands prepare the principal clerk for his first Assembly in his new role.

Saturday – Father, we ask that the Holy Spirit ignite a fresh desire among all commissioners to genuinely seek Your will, not only in the court but in hallway, dining, residence and off-campus discussions.

Sunday – Father, we seek your hands of protection around the technical details, as the proceedings will still be broadcast live across the nation – may your will be done as information is shared, whether in person or virtually, and may Your voice be heard.


Coming Weeks
May 15:: Discernment – knowing the voice of Christ and recognizing the presence of the enemy.
May 22: Spiritual protection.
May 29: Fresh fruit.

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