Paris Presbyterian Church Sports Camp

Campers paddling the Grand River in Ontario
Campers paddling the Grand River in Ontario

Extreme Water
Canoeing, swimming, team competitions

Extreme Land
Ball hockey, soccer, basketball, team challenges, wacky sports

Sports Camp is a mission on the move. Through sports, the leaders strive to emulate the work of Jesus by focusing on building relationships and leading by example. This is the model of ministry that Sports Camp has been built upon. Every time there is interaction with someone, that person is being influenced. Our influence is dominated by our actions. Certainly, a week at camp allows for a lot of interaction. The goal at Sports Camp is to make all of our actions intentional, actions that reflect Jesus. So how do we use that opportunity?

Building Relationships

Over the many years of Sports Camp, so many unique relationships have been built within our community. People are drawn to our camp, not just for what they do, but for how they feel. PPC Sports Camp is the only exposure to church for many in our community. We are able to show them the love of God. Actions often speak louder than words.


Another word for leadership is people-building. Our Leadership In Training (LIT) coaching program has impacted the lives of teenagers through the training, experience, and support that they receive. The skills that the teens learn during camp are ones that impact how they deal with other people long-term. We are not satisfied with building up our LITs; we also seek to impact the campers. Sports Camp has connected with hundreds of families in our community through a common interest in sports. Our adult volunteers, from the church and the community, make this possible. The families that have participated in Sports Camp have experienced far more than sports. Their lives have been influenced by our commitment to be a reflection of God. (1 Timothy 4:12)

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