Coquitlam Presbyterian Church

Coquitlam Presbyterian Church was established in 1965, when many Christians were renouncing personal faith. Against all odds, this congregation has grown consistently, until today, it is seventeenth in Sunday attendance in the denomination, averaging 310 worshippers per week. … Read More

Review: Two Books on John Stott

At Rugby boys' school, John Stott was led to Christ by E.J.H. Nash, an evangelical Anglican clergyman. Stott spent much of his time, energy, and ability on the renewal of the Church of England and of the historic Protestant denominations of the Western world and the developing world. He had a global influence. … Read More


God has prepared us for marriage by creating us with gender. And He has given us instructions for successful marriage in the Bible. We need to believe God, rather than the experts. Matthew 19:1-9 is very specific about leaving our parents and becoming one with our spouse. … Read More

A Summer’s Travels

Observations of spiritual growth and strength in Newfoundland and the Magdalen Islands, especially in relationship with changes in leadership at the Presbyterian College in Montreal, and Presbyterian participation in Regent College, Vancouver. … Read More

Presbyterianism and Renewal

With each major movement of renewal, the Presbyterian Church has been thrust into new areas and dimensions of ministry, beginning with Calvin and Knox, and continuing in Canada through men like Robert Burns and James Robertson, to current examples. … Read More

Reverend Walter Ellis

Walter Ellis exerted a profound influence upon Fairview Church in Vancouver BC, although he had passed away twenty years before the author arrived in 1964. He was a forebear of those in the Renewal Fellowship within the Presbyterian Church in Canada today. … Read More