Long-time leader wrestles with faithful response in a secular age

"Clearly communicating the heart of the Christian faith presents a very significant challenge" in a culture that is "illiterate to Christian ideas, often hostile to them," says John Vissers, formerly Principal of Presbyterian College, Montreal. This summer, Vissers spent three weeks in Ghana and Malawi. "It makes you wish that Canadian Christians had more passion." … Read More

Holy God! Holy Church?

The holiness of the church is one of the marks of the church. It refers to the purity of the church's faith and life, and the sanctity of its doctrine and practice. Holiness is at the very centre of renewal. The impetus to sanctification begins with a vision of God's holiness as is found in Isaiah 6. … Read More

Letter of Resignation

Knox Church has been praying for decades that God would renew our theological colleges. Dr. Vissers' appointment as Principal signals the first time that a conservative evangelical minister has led one of our colleges since the early part of this century. … Read More