A Word of Challenge and Encouragement

God, in Jesus Christ, wants to be experienced. He longs for an intimate closeness with each of us who are called "living stones ... precious living stones" ... the church. We are the people of God called the church ... not a social club or even a place to gather. We who believe in Jesus are the Bride of Christ. We are the Church! And our renewal will be found in believing the Word of God, through being in dance with His Holy Spirit, and acting on what we hear … Read More

Evangelism Lives — Even In The Out-Back!

The four congregations of the Bass River Pstoral Charge in New Brunswick have learned how to co-operate in presenting the Alpha Course and Children's Summer Festivals in the local fire hall, Christmas pageants with "live" everything, a yearly Women's Day away, and a youth group, "Kent County Christian Youth". … Read More