Renewal Café

Renewal Cafe LogoRenewal Café is a Zoom community offered by The Renewal Fellowship within The Presbyterian Church in Canada. It caters to believers who identify as evangelical, traditional, orthodox or conservative. On the menu: conversation with a serving of prayer. The flavour will vary, according to the occasion and need. It will be open on the first Thursday of each month ... Read more

PresbyCan at a Quarter Century

As the world prepares to enter a second year of physical distancing and restricted travel, PresbyCan Daily Devotionals promise to become more important than ever. For many devoted readers, the online ministry is a vital daily dose of scriptural wisdom. As some readers attest, this ministry has kept ... Read more

소그룹 기도 가이드

사랑하는 친구 여러분, 끊임없이 변하고 있는 이 세상에서 하나님이 세우신 가치질서를 지키며 살아가려는 사람들에게는 종종 “거꾸로” 가는 사람이란 꼬리표가 붙게 됩니다. 좀 너그럽게 비판하는 사람들은 우리들을 “고리타분” 하다고 말할 것입니다. 하지만 이것은 중요한 사실을 간과하는 것입니다. 우리의 삶이 우리가 믿는 가치들을 따르지 않는 것이라면 우리들은 허공에 매달려 바람에 흔들리는 가지에 불과하다는 사실입니다. 폭풍의 계절을 지나고 ... Read more

Small Group Prayer Guide

Dear friends, In an ever-changing world, those of us who adhere to established practices are sometimes branded as “backward.” More-gracious critics might just say we’re “old school.” But that’s missing the point, which is that practice must follow principle, otherwise we are just branches swaying in the wind. In this stormy season, our presbyteries are ... Read more

We Make House Calls

Our executive director, Rev. Andy Cornell, is available to speak to congregations, sessions, and any group or court in the PCC. His availability on Sunday mornings is limited -- so please consider a midweek gathering. He will bring a message of hope for all ministers, elders and congregations -- of every theological stance -- who ... Read more

What We’re Doing

In humility, Renewal Fellowship seeks the guidance of the Holy Spirit in fulfilling God's vision. This is what we're currently up to: Call to prayer campaign. See logo and supporting Scripture below. Daily prayer requests by email. See today's request at right. Quarterly Renewal News. Spring Renewal Days with guest speakers and AGM. Conferences. House ... Read more