How Now Do We Talk?

The 2021 federal election marked a new low for civil discourse in postmodern times. Leaders being confronted by protesters from other parties is par for the course but hurling eggs and handfuls of gravel at them was something new. We should not be surprised. It was the logical next step from the online anger which … Read more

Fresh Focus for a New Season

I read a frightening statistic recently. "Only 29 per cent of Christians believe that reaching unreached people around the world is 'very urgent.' " It's a quote from the Barna Group, the American research firm which specializes in faith and culture. I don't believe that it's far from the truth. (It could be even worse in Canada.) It holds up against recent research. In 2017, Barna asked churchgoers … Read more

Departure Gate, Destination Unknown

Precisely 60 seconds after the adoption of Remit ‘C’ by General Assembly, which allowed the call, election and ordination of those in same-sex partnerships, a motion was made to investigate the establishment of a separate theological synod for those who adhere to traditional standards. The timing spoke volumes. … Read more

Support For Anti-Racism Petition

Support is growing for the landmark petitions by Korean-speaking congregations which accuse The Presbyterian Church in Canada of racism by "demonizing" ethnic congregations. This week, a coalition of Chinese congregations, known as the Chinese Consultation, issued a statement in support of the petitions. "We thank the members of the Han-Ca Presbyteries for calling attention to the … Read more

Voices in the Wilderness

Strike up the band – a renewed chorus of overtures is coming to General Assembly. There's nothing new about overtures in response to our theological differences. For several years, those in orthodoxy have called for a restatement of our traditional understandings. Or, in the face of inevitable change, they've requested more time to study the issues and the ability of congregations to leave the fold. … Read more

Putting The Bite Back Into The Apple

Sometimes it is mind-boggling to realize that just one year ago the word ‘pandemic’ evoked pleasant images of a happy evening playing a co-operative board game with family and friends. During this past 12 months many, many ordinary people have demonstrated admirable qualities of passion, perseverance and personal sacrifice as they have risen to the … Read more

The Next Big Thing

Anniversaries are a great opportunity to press pause and take stock. We look back and note how a watershed moment has changed our world. Sept. 11 is the big one. There’s also Nov. 22, if you’re old enough to remember. And now we have March 11, the day in 2020 when the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 global pandemic. One year later ... Read more

Dear Presbyters

Questions are like tools. Good quality instruments used with skill and care can loosen the machinery and allow a glimpse into the soul of a machine. Or a person. So it is with the question and answer section of the 2021 General Assembly moderator nominee profiles. Kudos to whoever developed this skillful line of questioning, which starts with the comfortable ... Read more

Stillness to Prevent Illness

"Where is God in all this?" If there's a defining theological question for these times, that's it. In any time of crisis, we search for meaning. Do a search of sermon titles preached in the wake of 9-11 and odds are that is what you will find. In 1938, Rev. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was called to the pulpit at Westminster Chapel ... Read more