May Renewal Café – Stand Our Ground

Renewal Café is a Zoom community offered by the Renewal Fellowship. It is open to members, adherents, elders, and ministers, and caters to believers who identify as evangelical, traditional, orthodox or conservative. On the menu: conversation with a serving of prayer. The flavour will vary, according to the occasion and need. It is open on the first Thursday of each month ... Read more

A Prayer Testimony

This is a testimony of a couple who for many years, were homeless and travelling around Canada, destitute and struggling with addictions and hopelessness, surviving by living in parks, alleyways under tarps, tents, and receiving handouts in community centres and shelters. They lived “welfare cheque to welfare cheque” and often taking advantage of the compassion … Read more

Start with Prayer

Let's begin correctly. The church of my youth gathered each New Year's Eve to usher in the New Year with prayer. It was the acknowledgement that the enormity of the challenges ahead could only be faced with divine help. It was the idea of focusing individually and corporately on surrendering our agendas to the Lord. … Read more