Our focus: Prayer and Care

Renewal Fellowship’s mission is “to lead each other and The Presbyterian Church in Canada to authentic Biblical thinking, powerful Spirit-led prayer, and effective Gospel witness.” In practical terms, we’re carrying that out two ways: leading/facilitating prayer and providing strategic pastoral care. CARE By “strategic care” we mean initiatives that target specific needs. First is the … Read more

We turn to God in prayer

As I am writing this piece, General Assembly has just finished. I spent the time before, during and after the sederunts praying for the moderator, the commissioners, the clerks, the help desk people and the technology. Having been a commissioner last year, I knew what a challenge everyone would face and how important it was … Read more

Prayer and Care continues

Renewal’s board of directors has discerned our current priorities as Prayer and Pastoral Care. Online Prayer Study, led by Rev. Glynis Faith, centred on “Prayer: Does it make any difference?” by Philip Yancey. (A wonderful group has been studying since May.)   Listening Ear Here, a new ministry which links mature believers with individuals who … Read more

Awareness of God’s Presence

This devotion is one that I shared at a Renewal Fellowship board meeting in March of 2022 and also shared during a midweek service during Lent. During both we looked at Judges 6:11-7:21, reading just the first part of it and referencing other parts of the section of scripture. This is referencing Gideon, who would … Read more

Prayer and Care

In recent weeks, many Canadian provinces have ended their mask mandates. For the first time in almost two years, we see each other’s faces in grocery stores and perhaps also in church. And yet for the most part there is no feeling of liberation or great cry of joy. To be sure, we like it. … Read more

A Prayer Testimony

This is a testimony of a couple who for many years, were homeless and travelling around Canada, destitute and struggling with addictions and hopelessness, surviving by living in parks, alleyways under tarps, tents, and receiving handouts in community centres and shelters. They lived “welfare cheque to welfare cheque” and often taking advantage of the compassion … Read more