Pray for GA 2024

Week 2 – May 12-18 As kindred souls who adhere to the authority of Scripture and the unchanging nature of Christ, we are praying actively and deliberately for God’s will to be done at the 149th Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Each week, we will pray along a certain theme in our quest … Read more

Guidance As We Pray

“Your will be done,” we pray. We are prone to saying it by rote, week in and week out, without even thinking. For God’s will to have any chance of being heard and heeded, submission is vital. When we pray for God’s will to be done, it means that we are willing to … Read more

Thank God for Holy Spirit revival

You’ve probably seen the news of what’s going on at Asbury University, a private Christian college in Kentucky. It started during a regular chapel service on February 8 – but didn’t stop. “After the benediction, the gospel choir began to sing a final chorus—and then something began to happen that defies easy description. Students did … Read more

Our Focus: Prayer and Care

Renewal Fellowship’s mission is “to lead each other and The Presbyterian Church in Canada to authentic Biblical thinking, powerful Spirit-led prayer, and effective Gospel witness.” In practical terms, we’re carrying that out two ways: leading/facilitating prayer and providing strategic pastoral care. Renewal Café are small group gatherings held via Zoom which are typically centred on … Read more

We turn to God in prayer

As I am writing this piece, General Assembly has just finished. I spent the time before, during and after the sederunts praying for the moderator, the commissioners, the clerks, the help desk people and the technology. Having been a commissioner last year, I knew what a challenge everyone would face and how important it was … Read more

Prayer and Care

In recent weeks, many Canadian provinces have ended their mask mandates. For the first time in almost two years, we see each other’s faces in grocery stores and perhaps also in church. And yet for the most part there is no feeling of liberation or great cry of joy. To be sure, we like it. … Read more