Living Stones: A Movement of Reformed Churches in Canada

While the Renewal Fellowship's mandate and current mission is to provide Prayer and Care for those who adhere to orthodoxy within the PCC, we recognize that some brothers and sisters are being called to depart. The following announcement was prepared by Living Stones and may not necessarily represent the views of the Renewal Fellowship's leadership. It's … Read more

Is Revival a Lost Dream?

Is the evangelical revival of The Presbyterian Church in Canada a lost dream? Not necessarily. The PCC may be officially affirming. It’s entirely possible that “liberty of conscience and action” regarding participation in ordinations and adherence to traditional definition of marriage may just be short-term accommodations. And it’s disheartening to see a majority of commissioners … Read more

Does it Matter in the Long Run?

The denial of “balance and respect for both definitions of marriage” appeared to be a watershed moment at General Assembly 2022.[i] It revealed what many in orthodoxy have suspected – or feared: That The Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC) is officially “affirming” in accordance with the adoption of Pathway ‘B’-- “inclusion” – in 2019. The … Read more

GA Takeaways

Defining moments from General Assembly 2022 The General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada provides a four-day snapshot of the state of the church. Anyone concerned about the evangelical renewal of the church would have heard numerous causes for concern. RF Executive Director Andy Cornell watched the entire proceedings and compiled notable and telling … Read more

Called Together – a Time of Encouragement

  More than 60 people took part in “Called Together – a Time of Encouragement” on January 29, 2022, for evangelical/orthodox/traditional believers within The Presbyterian Church in Canada who remain called to the places where they currently worship and serve. Speaker Rev. Dr. Kevin Livingston challenged those in orthodoxy to remain as a “faithful presence” … Read more

Remit Response Survey

Along with the quarterly e-mailout of the Renewal News and Prayer Calendar, sent the last week of September, we included a survey, asking respondents to share their responses to the adoption of remits ‘B’ and ‘C.’ We received 21 responses: Ministers - 12; Elders - 5; Members - 3; Adherents - 1. Responses arrived from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland and included … Read more