PCC Covenant Virtual Townhall Meeting

As the upcoming General Assembly approaches, there are many questions about how this will happen online and what implications it will have for the significant issues facing the PCC. At the upcoming monthly virtual townhall meeting, we’ll be doing our best to answer questions and identify areas that need to be prayed about, followed by a time of teaching and an opportunity to pray for each other for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. There will be updates on what the various pathway groups are doing leading up to the GA. We hope that you are able to join us. There are two dates to choose from: April 24 at Noon Eastern and April 26 at 7 p.m. Eastern. Register at pcc-covenant.ca/register/. Zoom links will be sent after registration. Full details about the covenant can be found ... Read more

Pray for GA 2021

We are presenting a unique 28-day prayer initiative leading up to a very different General Assembly. Starting May 10th, we will be publishing a weekly prayer guide and inviting discussion on a special Facebook group page. The guides will be emailed and posted to the Renewal Fellowship and the PSALT websites. We are working in partnership with those of similar theological thinking … Read more

Western Han-Ca Presbytery Overture re: Sister Denomination

To the Venerable 146th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada: WHEREAS, Korean congregations from 1967 onwards entered into a mutual covenant with the Presbyterian Church in Canada for the reason that our theological and doctrinal beliefs, expression of faith and worship, and governance were in consonance with those of the Presbyterian Church in … Read more

2021 Renewal Day and AGM

Navigating Through the Storm - What can the faithful do when the church is spiritually adrift? As The Presbyterian Church in Canada approaches a potentially historic General Assembly — where the authority of Scripture is being challenged via the remits over sexuality and ordination — what better opportunity to remind ourselves to be anchored in Christ and look for a safe harbour. For inspiration, we turned to our new friends at ... Read more

Presbytery of Montreal Overtures

Ten overtures transmitted by the Presbytery of Montreal:Overture from the Presbytery of Montreal requesting consideration of the report of the Gracious Dismissal Committee before proceeding to discussions about Remits "B" and "C" from the 145th General Assembly (2019).Overture from the Presbytery of Montreal requesting the charting of a clear and non-punitive way forward for congregations … Read more

Voices in the Wilderness

Strike up the band – a renewed chorus of overtures is coming to General Assembly. There's nothing new about overtures in response to our theological differences. For several years, those in orthodoxy have called for a restatement of our traditional understandings. Or, in the face of inevitable change, they've requested more time to study the issues and the ability of congregations to leave the fold. … Read more