St. Edward’s Beauharnois Overture re: Theologically Based Presbyteries And Synods

WHEREAS the Presbyterian Church in Canada has long devoted time and resources to studying and debating the matter of LGBTQI sexuality diverting energy away from other important issues; and WHEREAS the debate on this one issue has revealed a larger theological division within the P.C.C., as is evident in the report from the 2019 General … Read more

Eastern and Western Han-Ca Petition re: Racism and Marginalization

To the Venerable 146th General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, The Presbytery of Eastern Han-Ca and the Presbytery of Western Han-Ca question whether in this denomination we are nothing more than a marginal group whose voice is deemed as one which can, and should be ignored. This is no less clearly evident in … Read more

St. Andrew’s Moncton Overture re: Restructuring Along Theological Lines

WHEREAS The Presbyterian Church in Canada has debated human sexuality for several decades, and WHEREAS the debate is a distraction to our mission, undermining our effectiveness, and WHEREAS the issues pertaining to human sexuality are symptomatic of deeper theological issues, and WHEREAS the theological divide is evidenced in the report from the 2019 General Assembly’s … Read more

St. Andrew’s Moncton Overture re: a Limited 2021 Online General Assembly

WHEREAS the Barrier Act of 2019 seeks to change the doctrine and practices of The Presbyterian Church in Canada in foundational ways, and WHEREAS The Presbyterian Church in Canada prides itself in doing things ‘decently and in good order,’ and WHEREAS, through no fault of its own, The Presbyterian Church in Canada has been unable … Read more

St. Andrew’s Moncton Overture re: 2019 Barrier Act Be Set Aside

WHEREAS issues surrounding human sexuality have been contentious for decades within The Presbyterian Church in Canada, and WHEREAS our ordination vows stipulate that we will not take divisive courses of action, and WHEREAS the actions of the General Assembly of 2019, in sending changes of doctrine and practice through the Barrier Act of the church … Read more

Grace West Hill Overture re: Two Semi-Autonomous National Synods

To the Venerable the General Assembly: WHEREAS the concepts of mutual accountability, empathetic collegiality, and partnership in ministry are at the heart of Presbyterianism, and these concepts demand integrity – integrity that is lacking unless the elders participating in a presbytery undertake ministry with a common understanding of the gospel for ordination, teaching, gospel witness, … Read more

Acting on a Precedent

I am surprised that people are assuming that if their congregation leaves the PCC, they will either lose their building or have to buy it back. There is another alternative. At the 124th General Assembly, held in Windsor, Ontario, in 1998, a Special Committee dealt with appeals regarding the conduct of a Presbyterian College student who was a declared practicing homosexual conducting services at St. Andrew’s, Lachine ... Read more

Knox Thedford Overture on Addictions

WHEREAS the COVID 19 pandemic has impacted every community across Canada, has dominated every newscast and has touched every congregation, every family, and every person WHEREAS the serious matter of drug addiction and the impacts of addiction have gone under reported across Canada and each community, WHEREAS border closures have impacted the flow of opioids … Read more