Prayer Calendar

You can email us your public prayer requests. We encourage prayers with specific dates for specific congregations and ministries.

The Prayer Calendar requests are sent as a convenient daily reminder or as a weekly or monthly summary with your subscription to Renewal Fellowship e-mailings.

Friday, February 26 – Pray for congregations and ministers that are in turmoil. Pray for churches where special visitations or reviews of ministry are taking place, that presbytery visitors may be granted wisdom in their actions and recommendations.
Saturday, February 27 – Pray for Mark Carter, Jon Wyminga, and Shannon Bell, the ministry team of the Cariboo, the central interior district of British Columbia as they seek to move the ministry forward in new ways, training up local leaders and exploring uses of technology.
Sunday, February 28Lent II – Pray for all recently retired Presbyterian Church in Canada ministers and lay missionaries, that they may be blessed and be a blessing in this new phase of their lives.
Monday, March 1 – Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Africa, the Middle East, and wherever they are being persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, and killed for their faith. Pray for a strong faith that brings their oppressors to their knees in confession and repentance before Him to whom we all must give account.
Tuesday, March 2 – Pray for churches with people knocking on their doors looking for financial help, that the church leadership may have wisdom in how to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
Wednesday, March 3 – Pray for the ministry and teaching of Rev. Peter Bush of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Fergus, Ontario, and for the ministry and leadership of the youth pastor, Chris Clements, and Sunday School superintendent, Erica Dyce.
Thursday, March 4 – Pray for new elders recently ordained at Grace Presbyterian Church, Orleans, Ontario, as they join Session for their first meeting. Pray for a smooth integration and new energy for ministry.
Friday, March 5 – Ask God to bless the Hakka and Amis Bible translation teams and all the other teams that our Presbyterian Church in Canada missionary Paul McLean supports, as they make small revisions.
Saturday, March 6 – As the Renewal Fellowship Board gathers for prayer today, pray that God may encourage them and give them a fresh vision for their ministry.
Sunday, March 7Lent III – Pray for Rev. Bill Grace and the leaders at St. Luke's Presbyterian Church, Oshawa, Ontario, as they worship God today and seek to serve their community in many innovative ways.
Monday, March 8 – Pray that the committees at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, will be renewed and find ways to live out a missional church vision.
Tuesday, March 9 – Pray for a good response to The Presbyterian Church in Canada's Gifts of Change project, and that gifts will be used effectively and efficiently to carry out life-changing programs that respond to the needs of people affected by poverty, hunger, discrimination, and conflict around the world.
Wednesday, March 10 – Pray for congregations planning Spring break programs for children and youth this year, that their ministry may be a blessing in the communities they serve and that children and families may hear and respond to the good news of Jesus.
Thursday, March 11 – Pray for the multicultural family initiatives of Norman Kennedy Presbyterian Church, Regina, Saskatchewan, that connections would be made with apartment dwellers in their immediate neighbourhood.
Friday, March 12 – Pray for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Trenton, Ontario, which has been without a minister for almost two years, that God would encourage the remnant and give them wisdom as they move forward.
Saturday, March 13 – Pray for Rev. Mikal Schomburg and the congregation of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Simcoe, Ontario, as they seek to be a witness in their community to the transforming love of Jesus.
Sunday, March 14Lent IV – Pray for the Ghanaian Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Ontario, as they seek unity in song, dance, praise, and adoration of the Lord today. Pray for their pastor, Rev. George Agyei Kwabi.
Monday, March 15 – Pray for Rev. Jeffrey Crawford and the Session and congregation of Westmount Presbyterian Church, London, Ontario, that God may bless and guide them.
Tuesday, March 16 – Pray for Westwood Presbyterian Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, as they seek to Know Christ and Make Him Known. Give thanks for the two-year interim-ministry of Rev. Katie MacIntosh and pray for the Search Committee.
Wednesday, March 17 – Pray for refugee families and the many challenges that they face. Ask God to show us how we can be supportive and encouraging.
Thursday, March 18 – Pray that God would bless the work, ministry, and outreach of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, St. Lambert, Quebec, and their pastor, Rev. Barry Mack.
Friday, March 19 – Twelve months have passed since COVID 19 started to radically alter our lives in Canada. Pray for all who continue to suffer great loss as a result of its impact.
Saturday, March 20 – As the school year comes to an end at our three theological colleges, give thanks and pray for the students who continue to sense God's call to serve the church in a special way.
Sunday, March 21Lent V – Pray for St. James Presbyterian Church, Truro, Nova Scotia, and their pastor, Rev. Andrew Campbell, as they gather for worship, that they may be a light to their community.
Monday, March 22 – Pray that God will give us eyes to see all that prevents us from embracing the challenges of following Jesus on the road to Calvary.
Tuesday, March 23 – Pray for Knox Presbyterian Church, Port Carling, Ontario, and Zion Presbyterian Church, Torrance, Ontario, as they prepare to welcome back annual summer cottagers and new visitors to Muskoka Lakes.
Wednesday, March 24 – Pray for wisdom and direction for the annual Board meeting of Dunamis Fellowship Canada that begins today.
Thursday, March 25 – Pray for house churches in the Cariboo, British Columbia, as they discern how to reach out safely and maintain a sense of community.
Friday, March 26 – Give thanks to God for constant reminders of His sustaining presence as we seek to be salt and light in an increasingly secular society.
Saturday, March 27 – Pray for those who are providing leadership for the congregation of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Parry Sound, Ontario, during the vacancy, that God may give the Search Committee wisdom as they seek a new pastor and give the congregation patience and a vision for renewal.
Sunday, March 28Palm Sunday – As we have freedom to worship in our churches, pray for those around the world who struggle to do so safely. Pray for an end to Christian persecution in many countries.
Monday, March 29 – May we pause with wonder in this week called Holy, marvelling with deep gratitude at Jesus' determined focus and courageous love.