Prayer Calendar

You can email us your public prayer requests. We encourage prayers with specific dates for specific congregations and ministries.

The Prayer Calendar requests are sent as a convenient daily reminder or as a weekly or monthly summary with your subscription to Renewal Fellowship e-mailings.

Sunday, November 29Advent I – Pray for the preparations for this season, that what God has done through giving His Son to us would be fully expressed before our congregations and our communities.
Monday, November 30 – Pray for the PresbyCan Daily Devotional, under the leadership of Rev. Robin Ross and his team of four dedicated volunteers, that the Lord would bless their efforts, continue to provide what they need, and bless those who faithfully contribute to this Christ-centred teaching.
Tuesday, December 1 – Pray for the community of Ndazkoh and the Cariboo region of British Columbia, who have faced multiple deaths in 2020, mostly of young people. Pray for healthy grieving and for the hope of Christ to shine in the midst.
Wednesday, December 2 – Pray for Rev. John Paeng, the Session, and the congregation of St. Columba Presbyterian Church, Parksville, British Columbia.
Thursday, December 3 – Pray for humility for all the ministers and elders of the Presbyterian Church as they prayerfully seek to lead their congregations in obedience to God's Word.
Friday, December 4 – Pray for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, Ontario, Rev. Timothy Ferrier, and the Session as they show leadership in these days.
Saturday, December 5 – Pray for congregations with vacant pulpits which are struggling to attract a new minister in these uncertain times, that they may have the stable interim leadership they need to minister to their communities.
Sunday, December 6Advent II – Pray that the outreach ministries of our congregations will shine light on darkness, poverty, and loneliness, and bring people peace, joy, hope, and love in this Advent season.
Monday, December 7 – Pray for our congregations, pastors, and leaders in Prince Edward Island, that the Holy Spirit may guide them as they seek to be lights shining on the Island.
Tuesday, December 8 – Pray for the Up! devotional as it circulates in various online forums (, that the Lord would continue to give Matthew Ruttan energy and creativity as he serves as pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Barrie, Ontario, and prepares Up! five days a week.
Wednesday, December 9 – Pray for the small group program, Vine Groups, at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Barrie, Ontario, that the leaders and participants may deeply engage the Scriptures and nurture fellowship among one another.
Thursday, December 10 – Pray that pastors within the Presbyterian Church in Canada will be strong in their faith and lifted up by the Holy Spirit, and that their work will bear fruit through lives saved, hearts changed, and minds turned to the true God revealed in the Bible.
Friday, December 11 – Pray for St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, McClure's Mills, Truro, Nova Scotia, and the faithful few who gather for worship, that God may bless them and guide them as they look to the future.
Saturday, December 12 – Pray for ruling and teaching elders and their family members, many of whom are struggling with health issues that distract from efforts to advance of the Kingdom of God through our congregations.
Sunday, December 13Advent III – As many of our congregations host special events and meals over the next couple of weeks, may they be blessed and grow in their faith and commitment to the Lord.
Monday, December 14 – Pray for those who seek to share the good news of God's gift of His Son in creative ways, as some of the usual paths are not open to us.
Tuesday, December 15 – Pray for ministers as they put in extra hours preparing for additional Advent and Christmas worship, that their messages would lead seekers to accept Christ as Saviour.
Wednesday, December 16 – Pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and around the world who are in danger because of their faith.
Thursday, December 17 – Pray that young people in our churches will continue to encounter Jesus in ways that transform their hearts and minds and that they will become leaders in our congregations.
Friday, December 18 – Give thanks for those who nurtured our faith in the past, and ask God to use us to invite others to love and serve the Lord.
Saturday, December 19 – Pray for Renewal Fellowship Executive director, Rev. Andy Cornell, as he seeks to assist congregations with renewal and to provide pastoral care for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Dresden, Ontario.
Sunday, December 20Advent IV – Today, as we light the candle of love, pray that we will all know best how to show love to those in our church community and have an opportunity to greet a child or young person by name.
Monday, December 21 – Pray that the theological students at our three seminaries might find rest and renewed vision over their Christmas holidays.
Tuesday, December 22 – Remember and give thanks for the amazing staff of the Skylark Center in Nicaragua under the leadership of Mauricio. Pray for continued protection and that many lives will be encouraged and empowered by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Wednesday, December 23 – Pray that God will still our hearts, so that the busyness of Christmas celebrations will give way to the wonder of Incarnation.
Thursday, December 24Christmas Eve – Ask God to open our eyes to recognize new people in our sanctuaries tonight and to welcome them warmly.
Friday, December 25Christmas Day – Pray for those who are celebrating Christmas alone and especially remember those who have lost a loved one in this past year.
Saturday, December 26 – Pray for those who provide chaplaincy ministry in a variety of places, that they may be a source of hope, strength, and healing.
Sunday, December 27 – Pray that our ministries with indigenous Canadians in Saskatoon, Winnipeg, and Kenora would provide love, hope, and listening ears, as well as food and basic needs.
Monday, December 28 – Pray for God's people to grow in their hunger for His Word, their experience of God at work in their lives, and in their understanding of the need for the good news of salvation through Jesus to be shared with their community.
Tuesday, December 29 – Pray for the pastors, leaders, and members of the Han-Ca presbyteries as they seek to build up their congregations and ministries, that God will bless them and give them wisdom as they move into the new year.
Wednesday, December 30 – Give thanks to God for His care during 2020, and especially the way He helped our church leaders adapt worship and pastoral care during the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.