Prayer Calendar

You can email us your public prayer requests. We encourage prayers with specific dates for specific congregations and ministries.

The Prayer Calendar requests are sent as a convenient daily reminder or as a weekly or monthly summary with your subscription to Renewal Fellowship e-mailings.

Saturday, July 24 – Pray for Friends of Prisoners Ministry in Malawi, led by Joel Sherbino, that the volunteers would see restrictions lifted so that they can resume visiting the men and women in prison regularly.
Sunday, July 25 – Praise God that the entire Bible is now translated into the Bunun and Tayal languages in Taiwan! Ask God to guide the work that remains, from final reading and typesetting to publication.
Monday, July 26 – Pray for God to bless the youth and young adults attending Upward Challenge, an international online summer camp beginning today.
Tuesday, July 27 – Pray that we will have the opportunity and the courage to speak about what Christ has done for us, so that others may find hope and believe the good news.
Wednesday, July 28 – Pray that more ministers and elders may become involved in the developing and growing prayer movement in Hamilton Presbytery.
Thursday, July 29 – Pray for continued generosity and wisdom as Paris Presbyterian Church, Paris, Ontario, continues in their capital campaign to renovate their building.
Friday, July 30 – Pray for congregations who are in the search process, that the Holy Spirit may lead them to the ones who are called to serve among them.
Saturday, July 31 – Pray for Wayne Hancock, retired Presbyterian Church in Canada minister, as he leads Threefold Ministries in their work in Nicaragua. Pray for Maurico, Director of Operations, as he teaches Christian leaders the principles of biblical interpretation on Saturdays.
Sunday, August 1 – Pray for those who are preparing fall church programs for children, youth, and adults.
Monday, August 2 – Give thanks that the majority of Canadians have been vaccinated, and pray for the many around the world who have not.
Tuesday, August 3 – Ask God to bless the 80-year-old Rev. Pulay Chang, Deacon Aykiu, and our missionary Paul McLean, as they run final checks and review the Pinuyumayan New Testament translation for publication early in 2022.
Wednesday, August 4 – Pray that all in ministry within the Presbyterian Church in Canada would hold God's unchanging Word in high esteem.
Thursday, August 5 – Pray for our theological students and especially those who have experienced up to half of their three years of education online.
Friday, August 6 – Pray for continued strength and wisdom for the Rev. Timothy Ferrier, Interim Moderator at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Parry Sound, Ontario, as he guides the Session and Search Committee.
Saturday, August 7 – Give thanks to God for the sacrificial financial generosity of so many supporters who enable the Renewal Fellowship to influence the Presbyterian Church in Canada for good.
Sunday, August 8 – Pray for the Muskoka Lakes Ministry Team of Knox Presbyterian Church, Port Carling, Ontario, and Zion Presbyterian Church, Torrance, as they host outdoor worship at Clear Lake Brewing Company.
Monday, August 9International Day of Indigenous Peoples – Pray for those in ministry with indigenous people, that they may be led by the Holy Spirit as they seek to be supportive, loving, and helpful.
Tuesday, August 10 – Pray that the elders of St. David's Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, Ontario, will develop a deepening sense of spiritual responsibility for their congregation and their neighbours.
Wednesday, August 11 – Pray for congregations struggling from the pressures and uncertainties created by lengthy COVID-19 shutdowns, that God may give their leaders wisdom.
Thursday, August 12 – May God bless Yapasuyongu, the Cou (Tsou) team, and Paul McLean, as they review their translation of the Old Testament. They hope to publish the whole Bible in 2022.
Friday, August 13 – Pray for congregations seeking to encounter today's culture with the good news of Jesus Christ, that God may show them how to engage people of all ages.
Saturday, August 14 – Pray for blessings to abound at Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church, Ridgetown, Ontario, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Dresden, Ontario, and Knox Presbyterian Church, Wallaceburg, Ontario, which all received generous funding from the Presbytery of Essex-Kent for technical upgrades for livestream worship.
Sunday, August 15 – Pray for our church members, who seek a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, to be discipled and trained to share the good news.
Monday, August 16 – Pray for leaders and families participating in the Lakeshore St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Windsor, Ontario, week-long summer camp for Junior High youth which begins today.
Tuesday, August 17 – Pray for our local, provincial, and federal government officials as pressure is exerted upon them to change laws based on Christian principles and values.
Wednesday, August 18 – Pray for the individuals, congregations, and presbyteries that are seeking God's direction, now that the definitions of marriage and ordination have been changed by the 146th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.
Thursday, August 19 – Pray for Valleyview Community Church, Calgary, Alberta, as they continue with their Be the Blessing Project, seeking to bless the people in their community.
Friday, August 20 – Pray for the Interim Moderators of smaller pastoral charges as they seek to guide and support them as they to continue to serve their communities.
Saturday, August 21 – As St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, Ontario, hosts a study of Genesis this fall, pray for the leaders, that God would use the study to help many grow in their faith.
Sunday, August 22 – Pray for students and faculty at Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver, British Columbia, Knox College, Toronto, Ontario, and Presbyterian College, Montreal Quebec, as they prepare for another year of studies.
Monday, August 23 – Pray for the persecuted church around the world, that God may make His presence known to them, may give us all courage, and may teach us in the free world how to help.
Tuesday, August 24 – Intercede for the Board of the Renewal Fellowship and its chairperson, the Rev. Ian Shaw, that they may be given the resources required to guide the Fellowship in making its vision a reality.