Prayer Calendar

You can email us your public prayer requests. We encourage prayers with specific dates for specific congregations and ministries.

The Prayer Calendar requests are sent as a convenient daily reminder or as a weekly or monthly summary with your subscription to Renewal Fellowship e-mailings.

Friday, June 9 – Pray for those who are involved in the technical areas of our worship services, and praise God for the ability to livestream and reach others well beyond our doors. Pray that all those joining online may feel God's Spirit blessing and directing them.
Saturday, June 10 – Pray that pastors who are ordained in other denominations and seeking acceptance into the Presbyterian Church in Canada through the Education and Reception process may be encouraged and find time to complete their studies.
Sunday, June 11 – Pray for the Rev. Sandy Copland-Dufour as she chairs the Board of Renewal Fellowship, that the Spirit may renew her in energy and enthusiasm.
Monday, June 12 – Pray for the committees of our church that have been entrusted with tasks by the General Assembly, that they may have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.
Tuesday, June 13 – Pray for the Rev. Dr. Wayne Hancock and the Canadian staff and Board of Threefold Ministries in their mission to Nicaragua, that they may work to build communities that reflect God's love and care.
Wednesday, June 14 – Pray for congregational committees and leaders who are preparing summer programs for children and youth, that they may be given enthusiasm and wisdom for the task before them and be used to bless the children and youth in our churches.
Thursday, June 15 – Pray for leaders across the church who are struggling with health issues, that the Spirit of God may heal them and provide them with a witness to the healing power of Jesus Christ.
Friday, June 16 – Pray for the Cheyne Presbyterian Church, Stoney Creek, Ontario, as they prepare for the Rev. Steve Lindsay's retirement this month after 26 years of faithful service, and for the search committee as they discern God's will in His choice of a new lead pastor.
Saturday, June 17 – Pray for Durham Presbyterian Church, Durham, Ontario, as they seek ways to reach out to their community with the good news and to demonstrate the joy of living in Christ.
Sunday, June 18 – Ask God to grant wisdom to parents who are seeking to raise children who will serve God, and encouraging their adult children to remember God's call.
Monday, June 19 – Pray for those who are shut-in at home or living in long-term care residences. Give thanks for those who provide visits and pastoral care to them.
Tuesday, June 20 – Pray for congregations that have opportunities to welcome summer visitors to their worship services and mid-week events, that their summer guests may feel welcome and encouraged.
Wednesday, June 21National Indigenous People's Day – Pray that our churches will walk with their Indigenous neighbours in love, and seek healing and understanding.
Thursday, June 22 – Pray for ministers and others who are retiring, that they may hear God's call as a new adventure in faith and ministry begins.
Friday, June 23 – Pray that God may continue to build up His work in Kenora, Ontario, and specifically in the renewal and reconciliation work in the congregation of First Presbyterian Church.
Saturday, June 24 – Pray that God may protect and bless the children and youth who will be at camp this summer, and that the camp leaders may be wise and careful in choosing activities and how they share their faith.
Sunday, June 25 – As summer programs begin, pray that teachers and leaders will have a powerful impact on the children and youth that they nurture on Sunday mornings and during Vacation Bible Schools.
Monday, June 26 – Pray for the Christian leaders in Nicaragua, that they might have strength of purpose and a devotion to God that overflows as challenges abound. Pray that the supports, teaching, and resources that Threefold Ministries' Skylark Centre provides will help them to grow in faith, love, and resilience.
Tuesday, June 27 – The Presbyterian Church in Canada has thirteen summer camps across Canada. Pray for their boards and staff as they seek to be wise, faithful, and nurturing this summer.
Wednesday, June 28 – Pray for the Rev. Andy Cornell as he seeks to fulfill his responsibilities as Executive Director of the Renewal Fellowship and as pastor of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Dresden, Ontario.
Thursday, June 29 – Give thanks for the new members of the Renewal Fellowship who are supporting the ministry with prayers and donations. Give thanks, too, for Robin Ross, who continues to share our ministry on the website
Friday, June 30 – Ask the Lord to give us eyes to see that those who are with us are greater than those who are against us (2 Kings 6:16), for He alone is the Sovereign Ruler of the universe.