Prayer Calendar

You can email us your public prayer requests. We encourage prayers with specific dates for specific congregations and ministries.

The Prayer Calendar requests are sent as a convenient daily reminder or as a weekly or monthly summary with your subscription to Renewal Fellowship e-mailings.

Thursday, February 2 – Pray for Anita and others who have completed their theological education and who are seeking to be ordained and beginning to serve in one of our many vacant churches.
Friday, February 3 – Pray that our Korean presbyteries of Eastern and Western Han-Ca and their congregations may be led by God as they seek to be faithful in expressing love and truth in these times.
Saturday, February 4 – Pray for the Renewal Fellowship Board as they gather online for prayer this morning and the first Saturday of every month. Pray that God may hear and answer the prayers of our church.
Sunday, February 5PWS&D Sunday – Pray that the Holy Spirit may stir up His church to work for a sustainable, compassionate, and just world, and to provide the resources needed when emergencies arise around the world.
Monday, February 6 – Pray for Wayne Hancock as he continues to support Threefold Ministries by overseeing plans for the next leadership training sessions to begin this month in Los Medranos, Nicaragua. He will be recruiting teachers and seeking the needed financial support to continue this bi-weekly in-person and remotely-instructed program.
Tuesday, February 7 – Pray for the elders and congregation of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, St. Lambert, Quebec, that the Holy Spirit may guide them in their search for a new minister, and that they may grow in their faith and love for Jesus Christ.
Wednesday, February 8 – Thank God for the ministry of the Rev. Kathy Morden who retires this month. Pray, too, for Knox-Calvin Presbyterian Church, Harriston, Ontario, as they begin a new journey of ministry.
Thursday, February 9 – Pray for church treasurers as they finalize the year-end financial statements.
Friday, February 10 – Three churches in Kingston Presbytery closed their doors in 2022. Pray for the former members that they may find churches where they can worship and continue to serve their communities.
Saturday, February 11 – Pray for the Special Committee re Listening, Confession and Associations as they listen to stories of marginalization and racism within the church and seek to do their work faithfully.
Sunday, February 12 – Pray for the youth in your own church and across the denomination, that youth group leaders may have great wisdom and energy as they seek to deepen faith and increase awareness of God's glory in fun, faithful ways.
Monday, February 13 – Pray for the Up! devotional and its author, the Rev. Matthew Ruttan, as it circulates in various online forums, that people may be drawn further into their relationship with Christ and may be given ideas and insights into how to live out their faith in practical, daily ways.
Tuesday, February 14 – Pray for Alpha Canada as they seek to build up this special ministry and serve our congregations. Pray for churches that are starting or considering starting Alpha programs, that the Lord may give the hosts courage and insight as they seek out people to invite.
Wednesday, February 15 – Pray for staff and faculty of St. Andrew's Hall, Vancouver, British Columbia, as they minister to the 230 residents living in the college, including the Rev. Sumarme Goble, who offers a weekly Wednesday night soup gathering and ministry program.
Thursday, February 16 – Pray for the discipleship ministry of Knox Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Ontario, with university students and downtown urban professionals.
Friday, February 17 – Pray for ministers and congregations that are in turmoil, especially ones where special visitations or reviews of ministry are taking place, that presbytery visitors may be granted wisdom in their actions and recommendations.
Saturday, February 18 – Pray that God may grant wisdom to our Renewal Fellowship Executive Director, the Rev. Andy Cornell, as he seeks to guide us in the best paths for renewal in these difficult days.
Sunday, February 19Transfiguration Sunday – In Jesus, all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell. Let us celebrate the mystery of His incarnation and honour Him, our glorious Lord.
Monday, February 20Family Day – As many of us celebrate Family Day today, thank the Lord for the faith in which so many of us were nurtured by our parents. Pray for the parents and grandparents in our congregations today as they seek to share their faith with their children and grandchildren.
Tuesday, February 21Shrove Tuesday – Pray for churches across the country that are in financial difficulty and struggling to complete their mission.
Wednesday, February 22Ash Wednesday – May this be a day of sober reflection on our lives. Are we truly following Christ? Pray that all within our churches may seek to follow Christ.
Thursday, February 23 – Three years ago, the ground shifted as the coronavirus burst into the world. Pray that the Holy Spirit may teach us how best to minister in these changed circumstances.
Friday, February 24 – Pray for the adults and children living with developmental disabilities who are in our church families, that they may be loved and included in our congregational life. Pray, too, for the many Friendship groups across Canada as they try to resume after three years.
Saturday, February 25 – Pray for all teaching and ruling elders and leaders in our churches, that they may be given much wisdom in these challenging times, and that faithfulness to Jesus, obedience to Scripture, and humble, Spirit-directed lives may adorn the truth of the gospel of our Lord Jesus.
Sunday, February 26Lent I – Pray for the congregation of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Welland, Ontario, as they gather for worship and for their annual meeting. Pray for wisdom as they plan for the future.
Monday, February 27 – Pray for the many churches that are in search of a new minister, and especially for those that do not have the resources to do so, that the Holy Spirit may give them wisdom and direction.
Tuesday, February 28 – Pray for congregations that are having congregational meetings to decide their future, that the Holy Spirit may give them courage to listen to each other.
Wednesday, March 1 – Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Africa, the Middle East, and wherever they are being persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, and killed for their faith, that they may be given a strong faith that brings their oppressors to their knees in confession and repentance before Him to whom we all must give account.
Thursday, March 2 – Pray for the elders and leadership at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Barrie, Ontario, as they plan for the future with wisdom, faithfulness, and grace.
Friday, March 3 – Pray for the Session of Grace Presbyterian Church, Orleans, Ontario, that God may give them wisdom as they continue to deal with division resulting from the denomination's changes in doctrine.
Saturday, March 4 – As the Renewal Fellowship Board gathers for prayer today, pray that God may encourage them and give them a fresh vision for their ministry.
Sunday, March 5Lent II – Join with Christians around the world in praying for unity, safety, and wisdom as we seek to witness and serve in our communities.
Monday, March 6 – Pray for the Convenor, Donna McIlveen, and the General Secretary, the Rev. Ian Ross-McDonald, as the Life and Mission Agency meets over the next couple of days, that all may have ears to hear one another and make God-honouring decisions.
Tuesday, March 7 – Pray for the Threefold Ministries Board as they gather for their annual meeting this month and seek to discern God's direction for their ministry work in Nicaragua.
Wednesday, March 8 – Pray that our congregations may know best how to support and encourage new Canadians and share God's love with them.
Thursday, March 9 – Give thanks for those called to lead worship with the vulnerable and lonely in long-term care residences. Pray that God's Word and music may bring comfort and peace to all.
Friday, March 10 – Pray for safety, spiritual growth, and memorable moments for youth mission trips taking place this month.