Prayer Calendar

You can email us your public prayer requests. We encourage prayers with specific dates for specific congregations and ministries.

The Prayer Calendar requests are sent as a convenient daily reminder or as a weekly or monthly summary with your subscription to Renewal Fellowship e-mailings.

Tuesday, May 11 – Pray for the Presbytery of Barrie as they meet today, that their conversations and interactions may be filled with respect and Christian love, that their decisions may be glorifying to God, and that their work may enable all the churches that they represent to boldly proclaim the Good News in their communities.
Wednesday, May 12 – Give thanks for the pastoral and pulpit leadership that St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Moosomin, Saskatchewan, has enjoyed for the past five years, and pray for them as they begin to evaluate and prepare for their future direction and leadership. Pray for Rev. Lip Boon Lee as she discerns her future.
Thursday, May 13Ascension Day – Pray for the Assembly Council as it meets today to finalize plans for the General Assembly. Pray for the convener, Sandra Evans, and the secretary, Stephen Kendall, as they lead the business.
Friday, May 14 – Pray for commissioners as they read through reports and prepare for this year's online General Assembly. Give thanks, too, for resources like a recently published book on human sexuality from a biblical and contemporary point of view, by Carl Trueman. Pray that this book may be mightily used by God as it addresses many of the important issues raised by Christians today who seek a biblical response to those points.
Saturday, May 15 – Pray for our denomination as General Assembly approaches and decisions are made, that unity in the Spirit, grace, love, and God's Word may prevail.
Sunday, May 16 – Pray for ministers whose calls have been severed for financial reasons, that these transitions may be blessings in disguise, as they find new life in a new place.
Monday, May 17 – Remember the Managing Director of Threefold Ministries, Wayne Hancock, retired Presbyterian Church in Canada minister, as he follows Jesus in giving leadership to this mission doing vital work in Nicaragua.
Tuesday, May 18 – Pray for Saskatchewan's Presbytery of Assiniboia in the challenging times of many vacancies and small struggling congregations. Pray for wisdom and collaboration among the members of the Presbytery.
Wednesday, May 19 – Pray for the men and women inmates in the prisons in Malawi, that they may know that they are not forgotten and that God is with them.
Thursday, May 20 – Ask God to bless and guide the Bunun and Tayal indigenous teams in Taiwan as they finalize their translations of the Bible, enter the typesetting stage, and promote literacy in local congregations, that the people may receive God's Word in their own languages with much joy.
Friday, May 21 – Pray for the Interim Moderators of small churches across Canada as they seek to guide them in their desire to continue their presence in their communities.
Saturday, May 22 – As the congregations of Muskoka Lakes Ministry return to outdoor worship services at the Clear Lake Brewing Company, Torrance, Ontario, may they be wrapped in the peace of Christ and may the open outdoor services be an inviting space for others to join them.
Sunday, May 23Pentecost – Pray for the commissioners of the upcoming General Assembly as they read reports and prepare for Assembly. May God's Holy Spirit fill them and empower them to listen well and speak clearly during the Assembly.
Monday, May 24 – Pray for the persecuted church around the world and for those who live under constant threat, that they might know that God is with them, and that God may teach the free world to know how to help.
Tuesday, May 25 – Pray for the children with whom the New Westminster Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, Ontario, congregation was working prior to the pandemic, that the congregation may continue to maintain contact through Facebook, Zoom, and phone, and that more normal opportunities may resume soon.
Wednesday, May 26 – Pray that God would protect us from any root of bitterness in our souls and grant us such amazing grace in our interaction with others with whom we may differ, that the reputation of Jesus would be enhanced.
Thursday, May 27 – Remember those who serve as chaplains in the Canadian military and those who are sensing a call to serve God in the military.
Friday, May 28 – Pray for commissioners as General Assembly approaches, requiring decisions to be made from an online platform. Pray for grace and love, for unity in the Spirit, and for God's Word to prevail.
Saturday, May 29 – Pray for the PCC Covenant online meetings today and Monday that they may provide participants with peace, encouragement, comfort, and guidance as they fellowship together.
Sunday, May 30Trinity Sunday – May we share our lives and encourage one another in offering loving service to others as inspired by the overflowing life of the Trinity.
Monday, May 31 – Pray for godly wisdom as commissioners prepare themselves for serious discussion and far-reaching decisions at the General Assembly. Pray that all gatherings online may be conducted with care and respect, testing all things in the light of Scripture.
Tuesday, June 1 – Pray for Rev. Sunny Lee, serving the congregation of Knox Presbyterian Church, Whitewood, Saskatchewan, as she seeks to maintain balance in her duties and responsibilities.
Wednesday, June 2 – Give thanks for what God has done in calling many to faith through the second round of Alpha Online meetings at Grace Presbyterian Church, West Hill, Ontario, which will end tonight with a celebration.
Thursday, June 3 – Pray for wisdom and peace for the ministers and leaders in the Han-Ca presbyteries as they meet and plan for their Korean congregations across Canada.
Friday, June 4 – Many of our congregations are struggling to build up youth programs. Pray that God may raise up leaders who will attract youth to the church and help them mature in their faith.
Saturday, June 5 – Pray for the technicians looking after the online General Assembly and for the commissioners across the country using new technology, that all may go well and everyone may be equipped with peace and patience.
Sunday, June 6General Assembly Sunday – Pray for the opening of General Assembly, that the outgoing Moderator, Rev. Amanda Currie, may speak with the power of the Holy Spirit in today's message.
Monday, June 7General Assembly – Pray that God's will may be done in all the decisions that will be made as the General Assembly meets online, and that God may give the Moderator wisdom and patience.
Tuesday, June 8General Assembly – Pray that there may be unity of the Spirit in all of our efforts to be a church that continues to honour the Word of God.
Wednesday, June 9General Assembly – Give thanks for the dedication of the commissioners who gave of themselves in this online gathering, and ask that God may bless their decisions.
Thursday, June 10 – Pray for the community Food Drive organized by Paris Presbyterian Church, Paris, Ontario, that much food would be collected and that this effort would bring the community together.
Friday, June 11 – Pray for the committees and staff of our national church who have been given tasks by the General Assembly, that God may grant them wisdom and ears to hear what He wants them to do to build up unity in the denomination.