Prayer Calendar

You can email us your public prayer requests. We encourage prayers with specific dates for specific congregations and ministries.

The Prayer Calendar requests are sent as a convenient daily reminder or as a weekly or monthly summary with your subscription to Renewal Fellowship e-mailings.

Monday, September 26 – Pray that God may grant wisdom to our Renewal Fellowship Executive Director, the Rev. Andy Cornell, as he seeks to guide us in the best paths for renewal in times such as we are experiencing.
Tuesday, September 27 – Give thanks for the new members of the Renewal Fellowship who are supporting the ministry with prayers and donations. Give thanks, too, for Robin Ross, who continues to share our ministry on the website.
Wednesday, September 28 – Thank the Lord for the insight and challenge of UP! devotionals written by Matthew Ruttan. Ask the Lord to watch over him, his family, and Westminster Presbyterian Church, Barrie, Ontario.
Thursday, September 29 – Pray for the work of Presbyterian World Service and Development as they seek to serve vulnerable communities around the world.
Friday, September 30Orange Shirt Day – Pray for our nine Indigenous Ministries and their leaders in western Canada as they seek to bring the love and hope of the Creator and His Son Jesus to their communities.
Saturday, October 1 – St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Tillsonburg, Ontario, will be having an important congregational meeting tomorrow. Pray that the Holy Spirit will be powerfully present to guide the thoughts and words of those who will take part. The celebration of Rev. Alex McCombie's life is being held today. Remember with thanks his faithful service.
Sunday, October 2World Wide Communion Sunday – Pray for Rev. Douglas Rollwage and the congregation of Zion Presbyterian Church, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, as they worship and celebrate his last service as their lead minister.
Monday, October 3 – Pray for Pastor David Spencer as he begins interim ministry at First Presbyterian Church, Kenora, Ontario, that the congregation may be blessed and strengthened by his presence. Pray, too, for Nanaimo Korean Presbyterian Church, Nanaimo, British Columbia, and their new minister, Rev. David Kim.
Tuesday, October 4 – Pray for the Presbytery of Temiskaming, Ontario, who met last week by Zoom. Pray that all members will continue to be filled with enthusiasm for God's work to be carried out in their communities and beyond.
Wednesday, October 5 – Pray for the congregation of Côte des Neiges Presbyterian Church, Montreal, Quebec, as it thanks God for 10 years of the ministry of Rev. Joel Coppieters, that the Holy Spirit may guide them into the path that they should follow into the future
Thursday, October 6 – St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Inverness, Quebec, is part of a three-point charge with two United Churches. Pray for them as they continue to seek a minister for their small rural anglophone charge in the heartland of francophone Québec.
Friday, October 7 – . Pray for safety, peace and God's wisdom for Mauricio, Threefold Ministry's Nicaraguan Director, as he travels to Europe as a Latin-American representation at a global evangelical planning event.
Saturday, October 8 – Pray for the leaders, staff, and congregation of Bridlewood Presbyterian Church, Scarborough, Ontario, as they seek guidance and wisdom for restarting purposeful programs that will encourage and draw people back amid the uncertainties that still exist as a result of COVID.
Sunday, October 9 – Join St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Scarborough, Ontario, in giving thanks to God for the faithful ministry of their pastor, Duncan Cameron, and his wife Cynthia over the past 25 years.
Monday, October 10Thanksgiving Day – Give God thanks for the richness of Canada in both natural resources and human resources. Ask God for direction in how best we can share with the world.
Tuesday, October 11 – Pray for Rev. Sandy Copland Dufour as she serves as moderator of Hamilton Presbytery which is meeting today. Also, pray for the Alpha program at Paris Presbyterian Church, Paris, Ontario. Pray that people will invite others to join them and that people will meet Jesus through the course.
Wednesday, October 12 – Clairlea Park Presbyterian Church, Scarborough, Ontario, is electing new elders this month. Pray for God's wisdom and provision for them during this process.
Thursday, October 13 – Pray for ministers and pastors who are troubled by theological changes in The Presbyterian Church in Canada, are burdened by ministry in general, and are in need of renewed hope, that they may be able to participate in the Renewal Fellowship/Vaughan Community Church Pastors Retreat in November.
Friday, October 14 – New elders will be ordained this Sunday at Westwood Presbyterian Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Pray for God's blessing on the elders and the congregation as they seek to reach out to their community.
Saturday, October 15 – Pray for the young people at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Barrie, Ontario, who will be publicly confessing and confirming their faith tomorrow as a result of confirmation classes.
Sunday, October 16 – Today is Missions Sunday at Parry Sound Presbyterian Church in Ontario. Pray for the Rev. Andy Cornell, Executive Director of the Renewal Fellowship, as he brings them the message that the Lord has laid on his heart.
Monday, October 17 – Westwood Presbyterian Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, has begun several new programs this fall for children and adults. Pray that the congregation can fulfill their vision to Know Christ and Make Him Known.
Tuesday, October 18 – Pray for Knox Spadina Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Ontario, as they continue to search for a senior pastor. Praise Him for ongoing ministry and many new opportunities for witness and service.
Wednesday, October 19 – Knox Presbyterian Church, Thedford, Ontario, will be receiving new members and celebrating baptisms throughout October. Give thanks to God for His work through Rev. Chris O'Reilly and the congregation.
Thursday, October 20 – Pray for the leadership of Renewal Fellowship's November 7-9 Presbyterian Pastor Retreat as they prepare. Give thanks for Vaughan Community Church which is generously cosponsoring this gathering and pray that additional fundraising will cover travel expenses for all pastors taking part.
Friday, October 21 – Pray for Rev. Sean Astop and leaders at St. Andrew's-Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Uxbridge, Ontario, as they have started a new worshipping community with children, parents, and grandparents. It is based on the Messy Church format.
Saturday, October 22 – May God bless and guide Wendy Noll as she begins youth and small group ministries at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Simcoe, Ontario. Pray, too, that Westminster Presbyterian Church, Barrie, Ontario, will find a new Youth Coordinator who will lead youth groups and programs in a way that nurtures their young people in a challenging time.
Sunday, October 23 – Give thanks to God for Glenbrook Presbyterian Church, Mississauga, Ontario, as they celebrate their 50th Anniversary of ministry and mission today. Pray for their guest preacher, Dr. Wayne Hancock.
Monday, October 24 – Pray for Durham Presbyterian Church, Durham, Ontario, their minister Will Basson, elders, and leaders as they seek to renew their congregation in outreach and caring ministries.
Tuesday, October 25 – Give thanks for the congregation of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Islington, Ontario, as they continue to celebrate their 100th anniversary. Join them in celebrating the positive changes and blessings that they have experienced.
Wednesday, October 26 – Pray for our Presbyterian Church in Canada missionary, Paul McLean, as he prepares to visit the twelve Bible translation teams that he supports in Taiwan, that God may open doors for safe and healthy travel and help each team to complete their translation faithfully and accurately.
Thursday, October 27 – Join members of the Cariboo House Church Mission in British Columbia as they meet on Thursday evenings to pray for revival in the hearts of local people and churches.
Friday, October 28 – Keep our Christian brothers and sisters in India in your prayers. Under the pro-Hindi government, they are being persecuted. During these times of trial and temptation, pray for persistence and endurance for the Christians in India, and for God's Spirit to keep them strong in their faith
Saturday, October 29 – Norman Kennedy Presbyterian Church, Regina, Saskatchewan, will be hosting a Trunk & Treat event today for the families in their neighbourhood. Pray for the church members who host and provide treats from the trunks of their cars and for all who come to receive the Halloween treats and warm friendship.
Sunday, October 30 – Pray for the guidance and encouragement for the Rev. Will Henbest, as he serves the congregation of Zion Presbyterian Church, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, as their assistant minister. Pray for the search committee as they seek a new lead minister. May they have wisdom, patience, and clarity in their discernment.
Monday, October 31 – Give thanks for the new Communications Coordinator at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Barrie, Ontario, Kristin Stouffer, and pray that her work and service is a powerful blessing and outreach within the congregation and in the wider digital world.
Tuesday, November 1 – Pray for Rev. Gary Robinson returning to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Parry Sound, Ontario, as the Interim Minister for a two-year term, that he may offer stability and vision.