Prayer Calendar

You can email us your public prayer requests. We encourage prayers with specific dates for specific congregations and ministries.

The Prayer Calendar requests are sent as a convenient daily reminder or as a weekly or monthly summary with your subscription to Renewal Fellowship e-mailings.

Saturday, July 20 – St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Fergus, Ontario, is celebrating Medieval Day. Pray for them as they give free water to all who are thirsty.
Sunday, July 21 – Pray for the Cariboo House Churches in British Columbia, in their mission to draw remote people to wholeness through the love of Jesus. Pray for Jon Wyminga, Shannon Bell, and Mark and Alicia Carter as they seek to be wise and loving leaders. Pray, too, for more resources to support this ministry.
Monday, July 22 – With more and more refugees seeking spiritual guidance and direction at Bridlewood Presbyterian Church, Scarborough, Ontario, pray that they will find and settle in places where God will use them to impact others and draw them into His Kingdom.
Tuesday, July 23 – Pray for Knox Presbyterian Church, Manotick, Ontario, that the process for calling a new pastor would proceed with wisdom, unity, and God's perfect timing.
Wednesday, July 24 – Pray for people who have departed from the Presbyterian Church in Canada, that they may thrive in a new setting and be inspired to grow the church in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Thursday, July 25 – Pray for our food providers as agriculture continues to be under duress with restrictions being imposed, that our farmers may have wisdom, strength, and faith, and that God may bless them with a healthy and prosperous growing season.
Friday, July 26 – Pray for Shahrzad Kandalaft, the Family Pastor at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Ottawa, Ontario, as she becomes the Interim Moderator for Knox Presbyterian Church, Manotick, Ontario.
Saturday, July 27 – Pray for Dunamis Fellowship Canada as they seek clarity and direction and pursue some new strategic initiatives. Pray, too, for their Ministry Coordinator, Patti Tan.
Sunday, July 28 – Give thanks for the ministry of Rev. Grant Wilson, who has served as lead pastor at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Ottawa, Ontario, and pray for enduring fruit. Ask for God's provision and blessing upon Grant and his family as he retires.
Monday, July 29 – Pray for our health care system as it struggles with doctor and nursing shortages, escalating costs, and hospitals closing, and that our governments may make significant changes to improve access.
Tuesday, July 30 – Pray for churches planning Vacation Bible Schools for the children in their communities.
Wednesday, July 31 – Pray for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Fergus, Ontario, as they reach out tonight and tomorrow night in a town park, that children will meet Jesus.
Thursday, August 1 – Join Glenbrook Presbyterian Church, Mississauga, Ontario, as they give thanks for the continued interest in their English as a Second Language classes.
Friday, August 2 – Pray for the congregation of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Scarborough, Ontario, as they host the Scarborough Ribfest Outreach to their community over this long weekend.
Saturday, August 3 – Thank God for the appointment of Sunjay Henry as Presbytery Ministry Animator for the Presbyteries of Ottawa and Seaway-Glengarry, and ask God to grant him wisdom in establishing healthy relationships with youth leaders and pastors throughout the two presbyteries.
Sunday, August 4 – Pray for the congregation of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Beechwood, Ontario, as they gather to worship God today, that they may stay faithful to God's Word and grow in faith and number.
Monday, August 5 – Pray for St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Burlington, Ontario, as they wait patiently for God's choice to lead their congregation, and for the elders who continue to lead the congregation through the vacancy. Pray, too, for Place of Hope Indigenous Presbyterian Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, as they host a Vacation Bible School this week.
Tuesday, August 6 – May God bless the Bible translation teams in Taiwan that our missionary, Paul McLean, supports, as they prepare Bibles in Amis, Cou, and Ngudradrekai.
Wednesday, August 7 – Pray for the Friendship in Faith group in Simcoe, Ontario, as they gather for a summer party, that the Lord may use this special event to encourage the adults with disabilities and their supporters.
Thursday, August 8 – Pray for churches to be wise in their use of social media; that online devices will not be a distraction, but may be used to glorify God, encourage discipleship, and share and show the light of Christ.
Friday, August 9International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples – Pray that those in ministry with Indigenous people may be led by the Holy Spirit as they seek to be supportive, loving, and helpful.
Saturday, August 10 – Pray for the people in Nicaragua and particularly the Threefold Ministries staff at the Skylark Retreat Centre in Los Medranos, that they may be encouraged and wise and know how best to nurture their community.
Sunday, August 11 – Uphold Elizabeth Chan, pastor at the Presbyterian Churches in Kars and Vernon, Ontario, as she assumes duties as Interim Moderator for St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Ottawa, Ontario.
Monday, August 12 – Give thanks for the many in our congregations who care for our physical buildings and green-spaces. May we encourage them and thank them.
Tuesday, August 13 – Pray for the Satellite Gathers at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Barrie, Ontario, that this initiative to connect with individuals who may not come to a traditional church may build relationships and the Gospel may be shared.
Wednesday, August 14 – Pray that as St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Fergus, Ontario, reaches out again tonight and tomorrow night in a town park, the children may enjoy the activities and meet Jesus.
Thursday, August 15 – Pray for Dunamis Fellowship Canada as they write new curriculum. Pray, too, for the Lord's blessing and guidance as they seek to connect with pastors.
Friday, August 16 – Give thanks for the faithful service of Christine Tiller on her retirement as Music Director at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Burlington, Ontario. Pray too, for the provision of a new Music Director.
Saturday, August 17 – Pray for Living Stones – A movement of Reformed Churches in Canada, that the spirit of its first national engagement conference in April may continue to inspire this community of believers.
Sunday, August 18 – Seek God's blessing on the ministry and labours of Rev. Paul Johnston, minister at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Arnprior, Ontario.
Monday, August 19 – St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Fergus, Ontario, is hosting a Vacation Bible Camp this week. Pray that the children may have fun and meet Jesus!
Tuesday, August 20 – Rejoice with Kortright Presbyterian Church, Guelph, Ontario, as they welcome Rev. Grant Vissers as their lead pastor in September. Pray, too, for Grant and his family as they plan their move, say farewells, and adjust to new surroundings, school, and friends.
Wednesday, August 21 – Pray for The Pulse Podcast with Rev. Matthew Ruttan, that the interviews, Bible studies, and featured content may edify listeners and especially reach the dominant podcasting demographic in Canada and beyond (ages 12-34).
Thursday, August 22 – Pray for the one of God's choosing to sense a call to Community Presbyterian Church, Almonte, Ontario.
Friday, August 23 – Pray for wisdom and discernment as Bridlewood Presbyterian Church, Scarborough, Ontario, moves forward with the New Beginnings program in a changing environment where churches are being challenged on a daily basis. Pray, too, for their Interim Moderator, Rev. Joseph Choi.
Saturday, August 24 – Pray for pastors and elders who are discouraged, that they may find help and hope, and that their communities of faith may come alongside them in the grace and truth of the Gospel.
Sunday, August 25 – Give thanks for the musical ministry of Joel Wycliffe at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Parry Sound, Ontario, and pray for him as he moves on to further his education.