2022 Renewal Day and AGM

The name of the gathering — “Remaining TRUE to God’s will” — says it all. God’s will speaks TRUTH and we are striving to remain TRUE to it. The video of the entire day has now been posted.

Dr. Stephen FarrisDr. Stephen Farris

Speaker: To that end, we received encouragement from our guest speaker, the Rev. Dr. Stephen Farris, the moderator of the 140th General Assembly. His message — entitled “After the first church fight” — was inspired by the story of complaint, accusation, division, settlement and peace described in Acts 6:1-7. It all worked out in ways they could not have imagined! What might this mean for us today?

Worship was again led by Gus and Jess from Grace West Hill Presbyterian Church in Toronto.

This time of encouragement was followed by Renewal Fellowship’s Annual General Meeting. The Annual Reports for the year ending December 31, 2021, and the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting on April 25, 2020, that were considered at the Annual General Meeting may be downloaded in PDF format.

Something new this year were Watch Parties. St. Andrew’s (Moncton, Welland, Dresden, Scarborough), Norman Kennedy Regina and First Trail all opened their doors for small groups to participate together. From all accounts, they were a hit.

Worship and Speaker Video

Annual General Meeting Video

2 thoughts on “2022 Renewal Day and AGM

  1. One speaker on this web-site recently said he seemed to be on a boat in a storm on a lake sailing on in spite of it. May we remember we have a Savior who walked on water and when he got into the boat in which his frightened disciples were, he stilled the wind and waves, a profound calm ensued, and the boat immediately
    reached land.

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