Living the Name

Renewal Fellowship’s Living the Name prize has been awarded annually since 2010 to Knox College students who show interest and promise in evangelism and mission. Congrats to this year’s recipient, Sonia Brulé. We invited her to share her testimony as she begins her call to ministry. Sonia BruléMy name is Sonia Brulé and I am … Read more

Does it Matter in the Long Run?

The denial of “balance and respect for both definitions of marriage” appeared to be a watershed moment at General Assembly 2022.[i] It revealed what many in orthodoxy have suspected – or feared: That The Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC) is officially “affirming” in accordance with the adoption of Pathway ‘B’-- “inclusion” – in 2019. The … Read more

We turn to God in prayer

As I am writing this piece, General Assembly has just finished. I spent the time before, during and after the sederunts praying for the moderator, the commissioners, the clerks, the help desk people and the technology. Having been a commissioner last year, I knew what a challenge everyone would face and how important it was … Read more

Stillness Amidst Agitation

And the beat goes on. I arrived in Simcoe just as the 2008 recession was digging its tenacles into every fibre of society. We more or less recovered, at least economically; but it seems there have been constant and serious seismic shivers shaking life ever since. The past many months have only intensified the severity … Read more

Faithful Presence in the PCC

On January 29, 2022, a total of 60 people gathered via Zoom for “Called Together — a Time of Encouragement.” The time of worship, inspiration and prayer came together as the vision of Rev. Paul Johnston, minister of St. Andrew’s Arnprior, Ontario, who worked in partnership with Renewal Fellowship and friends from PSALT. The idea was … Read more