Get back to where we once belonged

What if we spent less time reading reports, more time getting to know one another? Ministry can often feel like a lonely task. Pastors with large undefined workloads feel lonely and stressed. Congregations discouraged by small attendance feel isolated and adrift. Does anyone understand the challenges we face out here? Strong relationships help with these … Read more

Go to the desert road

Message to General Assembly during morning worship, June 7, 2023. A divine command steered Philip. As a preacher he was to go to the desert road which was not a road, in fact. But Philip followed the command with a childlike innocence and profound trust in God’s mystery. So, there he was, in the wilderness … Read more

Let’s get on with it!

Hello friends and fellow Jesus followers. In Matthew’s gospel the Eleven have returned to Galilee as Jesus had told them previously. On meeting up with Jesus there is a dual response – worship and doubt. In spite of the uncertainty of some, Jesus gives them, and us, His “Great Commission.” He prefaces the command itself with the statement of His authority … Read more

Young Adults, the Gospel, and Creativity

Parkwood’s Interactive Worship Experiment. Worship is not a performance but a participative experience. Parkwood Presbyterian Church (Ottawa, ON) has been exploring this concept through a series of monthly interactive church services led by young adults (those aged 18-35). The need for an interactive church service sprang out of Parkwood’s youth ministry. The congregation is blessed … Read more

Living the Name

Renewal Fellowship’s Living the Name prize has been awarded annually since 2010 to Knox College students who show interest and promise in evangelism and mission. Congrats to this year’s recipient, Sonia Brulé. We invited her to share her testimony as she begins her call to ministry. Sonia BruléMy name is Sonia Brulé and I am … Read more