A Question of Identity

Who is Jesus? Who am I? Who is the church of Jesus Christ? None of these questions are straightforward to answer; indeed, many spend their entire lives pondering them. It is not by accident either that I write these questions side-by-side. It seems to me that, from the standpoint of a Christian worldview, these questions ... Read more

“Rediscover” the New Wineskins

The headline We Need to Create New Wineskins (Renewal News, summer 2020, p. 2) caught my attention. It seems theologically inaccurate, for Christ Himself created the New Wineskin. The best we can do is design new versions of the old wineskin. But that can’t hold the “wine” Christ offers to cure the root heart malady. ... Read more

Love is the Answer

Once, after a night of debauchery in my early thirties (at that time in my life debauchery meant staying up to the wee hours playing ‘Hearts’ - the card game, not the relationship pastime), I woke hearing the strains of *Slow Train Coming*. Our host had it hot off the press (it was a LP ... Read more

Profile: Cheyne Presbyterian Church

We are an intergenerational community of believers seeking after the transformative power of Christ to live out the purpose and plan of His calling on our life. Since 1844, the congregation of Cheyne has been serving its community on the outskirts of Hamilton, Ontario. In 1960, the current building was opened in the centre of ... Read more

Dispelling Disorder, Embracing Truth

Rev. Ian ShawBoard Chair “People did whatever they felt like doing.” These words summarize the end of a most sad time in the history of God's people as recorded in the book of Judges. It was a time of moral, relational and political chaos. In some ways that summation faintly echoes the chaos with which ... Read more

Theology Matters

Theology matters – more than you might think. In 2016, a group of university professors published a groundbreaking study which linked mainline congregation growth to traditional, conservative theology. It compared the demographic and religious characteristics of ministers and attendees of growing mainline Protestant churches in southern Ontario with those of declining churches from the same ... Read more

A Holy Discontent

Discontent can be a destructive energy that harms us physically, emotionally, and relationally. It may be a symptom of ingratitude or an inability to accept one's lot in life – never having "learned to be content whatever the circumstances". At its root, one is shaking an angry fist at God, accusing Him of failing to satisfy one's expectations. This kind of discontent is ... Read more