We’re not all tech savvy. But it’s not difficult to learn.

Here are a few selected sources of information.

  • YouTube is a user-friendly way to record and upload and share your videos. For those with zero experience, here’s a primer: Create a new channel. You’ll need a gmail address to start, so watch the video first. Below the video are written instructions on how to set up a channel for yourself or congregation.
  • Once you have a channel, here’s how to record and upload: Upload videos in YouTube studio.
  • For those who have a basic understanding and perhaps have used video but want to go to the next level, Rev. Grant Vissers of Knox Presbyterian Church, Waterdown, Ontario shares his gifts and experience this instructional video. How To Record Yourself For YouTube
  • Livestreaming is a different creature altogether. Facebook and YouTube have the capability if you want something free. PCC has assembled this broad overview of options available: Introduction to Live Streaming for Churches But you get what you pay for. There are products and services in which you pay for air time. Some livestream services literally broadcast the worship and when it’s over, that’s it. You have to wait a day or two for the service to process the video and then make the podcast available to upload.
  • Outreach is a company that appears to be dedicated to helping the church, as indicated by its slogan “share God’s love.” Go to Outreach and click on the COVID-19 tab on the far-left banner.

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