Renewal News – Winter 2021

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Renewal News – Fall 2020

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In This Issue:

Renewal Fellowship: Behind the Scenes

The work of renewal is evident for all to see and digest on our website: renewal-fellowship, ca. Equally important is what goes on outside the public eyes. The board of directors meets 4-5 times a year and the executive puts its heads together about a half dozen occasions — all online these days — to prayerfully discuss and discern ... Read more

A Financial Update

A huge percentage of our income is from the generous giving of our members and friends. Compared to the period from January 1 to July 31, 2019, our regular income up to the end of July 2020 is about $10,000 lower. The Federal Government responded to COVID-19’s economic impact with a number of initiatives. Our ... Read more

Renewal News – Summer 2020

In This Issue: "Everyone did as they saw fit" by Rev. Dr. Jonathan Hong; "When all is said and done" by Rev. Ian Shaw, RF Board chairperson; "We need to create new wineskins" by Rev. James Statham; "Panelists respond to Renewal Day message"; Profile: Paris Presbyterian Church" by Rev. Joel Sherbino; and "A new initiative, a renewed board and a great gift" by Rev. Andy Cornell, Executive Director ... Read more

Renewal News – Spring 2020

In this issue: Renewal Day and AGM goes online; Dispelling Disorder, Embracing Truth – Ian Shaw, RF Board Chair; One Man's Holy Dissent – Rev. George Anderson; Orthodoxy in the PCC: Where It's At – A summary of the online discussions; Overtures from five congregations; Board profile: Jillian McWhinnie ... Read more

Renewal News – Winter 2020

In This Issue: Tracking the Remit Voting — 20/20 Vision in 2020 — On the road: Alberta/Saskatchewan/New Brunswick — Renewal’s Winter 2020 Prayer Guide — Regional conversations: Montreal, Moncton, Vaughan, Kelowna, and Calgary — Profile: Zion Charlottetown — "20/20 Vision: Vigilant and Vital" - RF Renewal Day, April 25th … Read more

Renewal News – Summer 2019

In This Issue: GA 2019: a way forward? – Andy Cornell
The trouble with norms – Ian Shaw
Stage set for Barrier battle
RF board to respond to remits
Renewal for the next generation – Lauren and Jillian McWhinnie
RF's Knox College bursary revived
Authentic Biblical thinking – Ian Shaw
Powerful, Spirit-led prayer – Andy Cornell
Effective Gospel witness – John Park ... Read more