Bringing Heaven Down

The only thing the first disciples of Jesus are recorded to have asked Jesus to teach them is how to pray. The fifty-seven words He taught them are brilliant in their simplicity and change the way we understand God, ourselves, and the world. … Read More

"Rescue Us!"

In the sixth petition of the Lord's Prayer, the Greek word translated "temptation" can mean "test" or "enticement to sin". While God never entices us to sin, the evil one can turn a test, designed to prove and improve a person's character, into a temptation. … Read More

What Stripe of Christian?

The question "What stripe of Christian are you?" has validity amidst theological diversity. Darrell Johnson is not yet what he wants to be: a faithful, grace-filled, grateful, joyful, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled, Trinitarian servant who will do all he can to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the world. … Read More