Departure Gate, Destination Unknown

Precisely 60 seconds after the adoption of Remit ‘C’ by General Assembly, which allowed the call, election and ordination of those in same-sex partnerships, a motion was made to investigate the establishment of a separate theological synod for those who adhere to traditional standards. The timing spoke volumes. … Read more

Tales From GA, In Their Words

Was there a defining moment from General Assembly 2021? Often with a major story we’re able to point to an image or remark which sums it up or at least puts it into perspective. Sometimes, it’s an iconic photo – an exhausted, soot-covered first responder. Or a pithy quote – “Say it ain’t so!” or … Read more

God Is Still In Charge

At 4:37 p.m. Eastern time on June 8, 2021, the General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada made official what many had believed for years. The approval of Remit ‘B’, with two parallel definitions of marriage, provided legitimacy for those who interpret and apply Scripture through human eyes rather than submitting to the unfathomable, … Read more

Renewal Day 2021

Our guest speaker was Rev. Dr. Greg Brawn, a voice for orthodoxy within The United Church of Canada and pastor of a vibrant Christ-centred congregation. Greg brought words of hope and encouragement to those who are discerning their place in The Presbyterian Church in Canada. His presentation can be viewed on our website,, and … Read more

Renewal AGM – a Snapshot

Approximately 60 members remained online for the AGM, which was chaired by Ian Shaw. Report of the Chair Over the past 18-24 months we have been wrestling with the thought, “Do we still have a mission in the Presbyterian Church in Canada?” The board has concluded that yes, we do. We offer authentic Biblical thinking, … Read more

Hear the Good News

While the Gospel call to salvation is the true and lasting Good News, it’s also true that people working together, sharing their successes and know-how is also good for The Kingdom. In January 2020, the session of Zion Presbyterian Church in Charlottetown, PEI, sent an invitation to each congregation in the Synod of Atlantic Provinces … Read more

Remembering Stan Cox

Renewal Fellowship lost a key leader in March with the passing of Stan Cox. Although he was in hospital at the time, Stan’s departure was unexpected. At the age of 84, he remained an active member of the board executive as treasurer of the organization. He had just completed the 2020 year-end financial statements. He … Read more

Support For Anti-Racism Petition

Support is growing for the landmark petitions by Korean-speaking congregations which accuse The Presbyterian Church in Canada of racism by "demonizing" ethnic congregations. This week, a coalition of Chinese congregations, known as the Chinese Consultation, issued a statement in support of the petitions. "We thank the members of the Han-Ca Presbyteries for calling attention to the … Read more