Pray for GA 2024

Week 2 – May 12-18 As kindred souls who adhere to the authority of Scripture and the unchanging nature of Christ, we are praying actively and deliberately for God’s will to be done at the 149th Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. Each week, we will pray along a certain theme in our quest … Read more

As the deadline approaches

Since Nov. 1, 2022, congregations displeased with the adoption of Remits ‘B’ and ‘C’ which approved parallel definitions of marriage have had the opportunity to embark on a journey toward Voluntary Withdrawal from The Presbyterian Church in Canada. It’s a time-limited offer which expires May 31. As the deadline approaches . . . . I … Read more

Renewal renewal

RF proposes a new way forward. Faced with ongoing deficits and a declining bank balance, the Renewal Fellowship is proposing significant changes in the way it operates. Starting March 1, the Executive Director’s call will be cut in half as the Fellowship eliminates road trips and focuses mainly on online encouragement, support and advocacy for … Read more

Holy Imagination!

More than 40 pastors gathered for the 2023 PCC Pastors’ Retreat on November 6-8. Here are some comments from a few of the participants: “I was so blessed by the praise team and the prayer time. The praise worship this year exceeded my expectations. It was a time of renewal of my spirit.” “Rev. Dr. Richard Topping provided great lectures to inspire us to slow down and … Read more

What do you need right now?

Leafing through the fall 2023 edition of Presbyterian Connection, the denomination’s quarterly newsletter, I find plenty of stories about social justice and activism: racism, aboriginal rights, climate, poverty, hunger, sexuality and affordable housing. There’s content on church business: use of property, social media, travel tales, congregational renewal and stewardship. There’s the usual multi-page spread of … Read more

A new front emerges

Opposition to Physician Assisted Suicide/MAID. Like a typical town hall meeting, Renewal Cafés provide a glimpse into the mind of Christ within the evangelical wings of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. We send an invitation, accept RSVPs and open the door. The conversation then takes a life of its own. The invitation to the July … Read more

Christianity and Liberalism

Classic 1923 text by J. Gresham Machen comes to life again. In this diverse world of ours, we live side-by-side with colleagues, friends, neighbours and even family members who hold sometimes radically different political views, lifestyles and opinions about life. The Presbyterian Church in Canada has never been wholly unified. Progressives and traditionalists have been … Read more

Physician Assisted Suicide

The following is a summary of the work of the Committee on Church Doctrine regarding Physician Assisted Suicide and the responses of General Assembly since 2017 Report from the Committee on Church Doctrine 2017 Introduction Canada’s changing attitudes towards Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS; See “Definitions – A word about words” below for explanation of terminology) … Read more