A Year-End/New Year’s Message

A new day comes when we rediscover the authority of Scripture. The Executive Director’s year-end/New Year’s message is freely available for download on YouTube. It is best used before Feb. 1, 2021.

3 thoughts on “A Year-End/New Year’s Message

  1. A great message of truth taken right from Scripture!! Thank you! May God continue to bless you with these fine leadership qualities.

  2. ..thank you for this wonderful and clear message from God for repentance and renewal.

    “ those who claim to follow Jesus and recognise His authority must also sumbit to the authority of scripture”

    I earnestly pray that that the person of the Holy Spirit will apply this message to our hearts and lives, this day in the matter of leadership that has been explicitly laid down by Jesus in scripture. This means repentance and a return to God ordained roles for men and women, and male only ordination to the office of Elder and Deacon in the church.

  3. Great message – many thanks – spoken with kindness and conviction. May the Lord continue to use you and give you great wisdom as you offer biblical leadership. Joy to you and your family!

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