Small Group Prayer Guide

Spring 2021 Dear friends, It’s been more than 12 months since our world went into various stages of turmoil in response to a microscopic virus. Physically, we are on the defensive. But we are much more than flesh and blood. Spiritually, we are called to be on the offensive. There is much to pray for. … Read more

United We Stand

Presbyterians who adhere to traditional standards are working together on two new fronts. “Praying, listening, trusting” was formed in June 2020 for the purpose of praying for six months in order to discern God’s direction for those in orthodoxy. “PCC-Covenant” came together in the fall in recognition of a need to work with one another … Read more

A Cautionary Tale

Admittedly my awareness of the details is limited [sketchy, disjointed, distant], but even so the situation evokes descriptions like distressing, disturbing, disastrous, devastating, even debacle. One of our partner churches, The Guyana Presbyterian Church, is experiencing deep division, perhaps even its death knell. Recent developments involve: i) two rival groups, each forming a Synod [their … Read more