What is "Up!"?

"Up! – Get up, look up, be up" is a daily e-mail devotional written by Rev. Matthew Ruttan, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Barrie, Ontario. It is published five days a week (Tuesday to Saturday), and is something you can read in about one minute. I started my subscription about a month ago, and I found the … Read more

Prayer is a Challenge

The Renewal Fellowship Board two-day meeting in October was held in my home in Simcoe. As I was organizing the continental breakfast on the morning of the second day, the alarm on The Rev. Nan St. Louis' watch went off. I asked, "What's that all about?" Nan said, "It's 7:14 and that's my reminder to pray for The Presbyterian Church." I was amazed and somewhat embarrassed because … Read More

Print Resources for the PCC Human Sexuality Discussions

There has been a request for resources that come from an evangelical/conservative point of view.
A Letter from the Committee on Church Doctrine in response to the Body, Mind and Soul Study Guide.
Video Resources: The Presbytery of Hamilton hosted a day-long forum entitled "Speaking Truth in Love: A Forum on Human Sexuality" on Saturday, January 30th, 2016. Videos are posted from presentations by Clyde Ervine, Kevin Livingston and Karla Wubbenhorst. … Read More
Print Resources: Links following the titles are where e-books or hard copies may be purchased. … Read More
Channels Articles: 13 articles on sexuality have appeared on this site in the past. … Read More

Good News Journey – In British Columbia

There are several dynamic, growing churches in British Columbia. Like many other churches, St. John's Presbyterian Church in White Rock suffered a steady decline in attendance. God heard the congregation's prayers for renewal and growth, but answered in some unexpected ways. Another church in the Presbytery of Westminster, St. Andrew's and St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, North Vancouver, also decided to make some changes … Read More

What Does It Take to Grow a Sunday School?

Like many Canadian Presbyterian Churches, St. Paul's, Simcoe, Ontario, has had a shrinking Sunday School over the last couple of decades. In less than a year, they have increased their average attendance of 3 or 4 students by 400%. How did this happen? Well of course they prayed, but they also took action. … Read More

Friends Sharing the Good News

St. Paul's, Simcoe, Ontario, is the home of a ministry to seventeen adults with a developmental disability. They meet twice a month for worship, including some vibrant singing, Bible story and open prayer; a craft or activity time, but the important part of their times together is just being friends. … Read More

Good News Journey – St. Andrew’s Moncton

An eleven-year journey of discernment, decisions, and dedication ended on January 29, 2012, when the congregation of St. Andrew's, Moncton NB, gathered for worship in their new building with their long-time pastor, The Rev. Dr. Martin Kreplin. This journey really began in the 1980's when a consultant recommended that the congregation move. … Read More

The Spirit is Moving Swiftly

In April 2010, the Session of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, decided to advise the Presbytery that their church would be closing in 2011. They were a small, discouraged group of seniors (approximately 15 at Sunday worship). Within days of their decision … Read More